HD Notebook: Animal Care

Animal Care

The best welfare practices regarding the Foster Mother of the Human Race.

Lameness . . . it will cost you (9/21/2016)
Don’t let your colostrum supply run low (9/15/2016)
Three ways I make calf chores more likable (9/13/2016)
Smooth transitions (9/12/2016)
Shh! Quiet in the parlor (9/1/2016)
What's lurking in your colostrum? (8/29/2016)
How vital are the first 100 days? (8/11/2016)
Underfeeding transition cows is nothing but bad news (8/10/2016)
Managing the feedbunk (7/27/16)
Losing a heifer, losing a friend (7/20/2016)
There’s a balance in stocking density (6/27/2016)
Chick rescue (6/22/2016)
Are your calves parched? (6/15/2016)
Working through the weaning commotion (6/6/2016)
Batter up! (6/2/2016)
Pulling back the blanket on dry cow treatment (5/26/2016)
Not one, not two, but three! (5/25/2016)
Caring for fresh cows in the Georgia heat (5/20/2016)
Build to meet the four basic needs (5/11/2016)
Temple Grandin airs her experience (5/10/2016)
New book features herd health (5/9/2016)
Did Temple Grandin just say that? (4/26/2016)
Jump in with all four hooves (4/22/2016)
Always room to improve (4/18/2016)
Still looking for early metritis diagnoses (4/11/2016)
Prevention before treatment (4/4/2016)
Investing in technology can save you some sleep (3/31/2016)
Seven keys to automated calf feeding success (3/21/2016)
Speak the language cattle understand (3/16/2016)
Our first roll and toggle (3/15/2016)
Age and season impact colostrum quality (3/2/2016)
Reach into the closet to keep calves warm (2/24/2016)
Know your herd’s locomotion (2/15/2016)
Vaccinations and good management maximize effectiveness (2/12/2016)
The art of cow whispering (2/8/2016)
Good cow care on a larger scale (2/3/2016)
Stay calm around the young ’uns (2/1/2016)
Some ins and outs of milk quality (1/27/2016)
Fuel newborn calves with colostrum (1/13/2016)
When should we give calves forage? (1/5/2016)
Keep your cows in working condition (12/17/2015)
Ready for a calf road trip (12/15/2015)
Don't be lame (12/14/2015)
Keep your cool around animals (12/9/2015)
A hairy hoof problem (12/3/2015)
Put calves in the hot seat (12/1/2015)
What's keeping your fresh cows down? (11/23/2015)
Dry cows dig darkness (11/19/2015)
Allow heifers to give your parlor a test drive (11/18/2015)
That extra month has a cost (11/12/2015)
Rumination is a window to cow health (11/5/2015)
Killer forages (11/2/2015)
The end of tail docking is getting closer (10/30/2015)
Capitalize on sprinklers’ water use sweet spot (10/29/2015)
Let's get certified! (10/27/2015)
Defining Cow “Happiness” (10/19/2015)
Cooling cows from below (9/3/2015)
Curing respiratory disease in calves and kids (8/18/2015)
Cows congregate where it’s cool (8/11/2015)
Proceed with caution (8/6/2015)
PETA cranks up the cute factor (8/4/2015)
Raised solo or in groups, calves have the same basic needs (6/10/2015)
Siding with the truth (6/1/2015)
Play by the rules (5/28/2015)
Farmers and restaurants depend on trust (5/26/2015)
Send clear signals to your cows (5/19/2015)
Animal care actions speak louder than words
My piece of the Empire State (4/16/2015)
Sick calves? Check your water (4/10/2015)
What lies beneath (your calf pens) (4/7/2015)
Milk culturing can be a win-win (3/31/2015)
Bedding choice drives pathogen load (3/26/2015)
Tales from the crypto (3/23/2015)
Cooling dry cows – more benefits than you thought (3/11/2015)
Calf health scorecard at your fingertips (2/10/2015)
Go beyond “no-growth"
How are your heifers’ hooves? (2/2/2015)
Lost in the crowd (1/19/2015)
Ten ways to control heifer mastitis (1/16/2015)
We can't breed our way out of lameness (1/15/2015)
Transition cows are at high risk for health issues (1/14/2015)
Calving isn’t always easy (1/6/2015)
A lighting strategy for your whole herd (12/15/2014)
U.S. milk quality has never been better (12/12/2014)
Mastitis tied with infertility (12/8/2014)
The fall slump has arrived (12/4/2014)
Cow milking is evolving toward robots (11/28/2014)
Why do cows die? (11/14/2014)
The right group size for group-housed calves (11/4/2014)
Silently robbing your bottom line (10/30/2014)
The balancing act (10/27/2014)
Mixed groups do more harm than good (10/16/2014)
Calves are her babies (10/14/2014)
My favorite thing at World Dairy Expo (10/10/2014)
Coincidence or choreography? (9/19/2014)
Don’t forget to develop the rumen (9/15/2014)
New cows, new problems? (8/26/2014)
Calf care pays off long term (8/7/2014)
The 100 pounds of milk club (7/29/2014)
Control flies this summer (7/28/2014)
The disease that stumps researchers (7/18/2014)
Slight alterations to management net more milk (07/16/2014)
Give calves a jumpstart on life (7/8/2014)
Should your cows stand longer? (7/3/2014)
Cooling has transformed Arizona dairying (6/20/2014)
Monitor manure, monitor health (6/17/2014)
Temperature and humidity readings predict heat stress (6/3/2014)
Calves were dropping like flies (5/27/2014)
Calcium supports your cows' transition (5/8/2014)
Avoid spring calf care slip-ups (5/1/2014)
Can genetics help reduce heat stress? (4/18/2014)
Farm size matters, but not to the cows (04/16/14)
Don't just cut your losses (4/15/2014)
Calves require cleanliness (4/10/2014)
A no-brainer dairy investment (4/4/2014)
Fine-tune your fresh cow checklist (4/3/2014)
Focus more on the postfresh diet (4/1/2014)
Watch appetite, not milk yield (3/19/2014)
Be prepared for metabolic changes at calving (03/12/2014)
Bruises can tell a story (3/11/2014)
Smarter calves come in pairs (3/4/2014)
Idaho farm video spying bill goes to governor 2/28/2014)
The right heifer herd size for you (2/25/2014)
Every farm should culture (2/13/2014)
Can old buildings house your herd’s future? (2/11/2014)
Watch water intake, especially in cold weather (2/10/2014)
Cow brushes: more than just a grooming tool? (1/28/2014)
Put up a good fight against digital dermatitis (1/21/2014)
Should you pay more to use antibiotics? (1/20/2014)
Pain impacts animal attitudes (1/14/2014)
Animal needs surge in frigid temperatures (1/7/2014)
Is your bedding working for your cows? (12/24/2013)
Don't leave calves out in the cold (12/17/2013)
Cow care starts with the farm owner (12/12/2013)
The onset of lactation is a major calcium drain (12/3/2013)
Use genomic data to your farm's advantage (11/26/2013)
Should we worry about negative protein balance? (11/21/2013)
Consistent milking procedures are beneficial (11/18/2013)
Improved reproduction begins with healthy cows (11/11/2013)
Compost bedded pack barns can work (11/5/2013)
As temperatures fall, calf feed needs rise (11/1/2013)
Moving pasture-based dairy forward (10/29/2013)
A small stick can mean big problems (10/22/2013)
One size mastitis treatment doesn't fit all (10/15/2013)
An opportunity for heifers on greener pastures (10/8/2013)
Calving heifers earlier no guarantee for more milk (9/24/2013)
USDA ready to kick off dairy study (9/17/2013)
Hock lesions a measurement of lameness, too (9/10/2013)
Why are dairy numbers growing in Washington? (8/30/2013)
Aim high . . . pick a low SCC target (8/23/2013)
By-products: an alternative nutrient source (8/15/2013)
Troubleshooting calfhood disease starts with knowledge (8/13/2013)
What have we learned about S. aureus mastitis in the past 50 years? (7/30/2013)
When it comes to lameness, accelerometers detect more than the eye can see (7/23/2013)
Both large and small farms can excel at animal well-being (7/17/2013)
Remember, hot temperatures can kill calves, too (7/12/2013)
Low-forage diets work, too (7/11/2013)
Precision dairy technologies will enhance cow care and management (7/2/2013)
National Dairy FARM Program videos hit 300,000 views last week (6/17/2013)
A century old concept revolutionized ration balancing (6/13/2013)
We must monitor to manage mastitis (6/6/2013)
Grouping strategies affect transition cow health (6/4/2013)
Somatic cells: the best indicator of subclinical infections (5/30/2013)
Good water quality supports good quality milk production (5/28/2013)
Avoid overstocking in the transition period (5/22/2013)
Lameness undermines the management of a dairy herd (5/16/2013)
Don't leave your dry cows out high and dry this summer (5/15/2013)
Target 2 feet per cow at the bunk (5/9/2013)
Are there good options for cowside ketosis testing? (5/8/2013)
Pastures need extra care after a drought year (4/30/2013)
What you don’t know can cost you (4/16/2013)
Pain management makes a difference (4/11/2013)
Dehorning is necessary, but so are solutions to make it less painful (4/8/2013)
Can we identify acidosis tolerant cows?(4/1/2013)
Aim for zero residues in milk and meat (3/19/2013)
Lactose percentage drops with mastitis (3/18/2013)
High forage is their dietary strategy (2/7/2013)
Milk quality superstars honored (2/1/2013)
Idaho dairy worker pleads guilty to animal abuse (1/25/13)
Don't blame nutrition for fresh cow problems (11/19/2012)
"Introduction to Dairy Stockmanship" video (11/16/2012)
All cows can have a somatic cell count below 200,000 (11/15/2012)
Don't leave heifer-raising money on the table (11/12/2012)
The effects of resynchronization on fertility and economics (11/9/2012)
Feed calves and heifers like you mean it (11/9/2012)
Reproduction awards presented at DCRC meeting (11/9/2012)
Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council meeting has started (11/8/2012)
Ill cattle alter activity compared to healthy herdmates (11/1/2012)
The best welfare standards need a balanced approach (10/25/2012)
We are in a war with terrorists (10/24/2012)
Are you F.A.R.M.ing? (9/12/2012)
Cow comfort makes top milk production possible – Easy as ABC! (9/11/2012)
Don’t forget about replacements when it’s hot (8/31/2012)
America’s cheese geeks hear from Grandin (8/03/2012)
Don’t rely on feeding time to detect calf illness (7/30/2012)
When should heifers join your mature cow groups? (7/06/2012)
What doesn’t kill a herd mate doesn’t make her stronger (7/02/2012)
With proper management, recycled manure solids are quality bedding (6/25/2012)
Genetic engineering: Who knows where it will go (6/22/2012)
Now we all know what “atypical” means, right? (5/04/2012)
D.C. staff sees light at end of 2012 Farm Bill tunnel (5/02/2012)
Milk quality is improving steadily (4/27/2012)
Bedding will impact the time she spends lying down (4/10/2012)
FDA scrutinizing extralabel and feed drug use (4/06/2012)
Are milk production and behavior linked to subclinical hypocalcemia? (3/15/2012)
Anthropomorphism – a four-letter word? (3/07/2012)
Donors beginning to turn against HSUS (2/24/2012)
PA dairy producer receives Dairy Beef Quality Assurance Award (2/07/2012)
Think about our Foster Mothers (2/01/2012)
For transition cows, should we try to group our breeding? (1/19/2012)
Stupid Camera Tricks (12/21/2011)
Cow comfort: a big impact on the bottom line (12/22/2011)
Cracking down on residues (12/15/2011)
We’re beef producers, too (12/14/2011)
Antibiotics use in food animals: Necessary. Responsible. Ethical. (12/12/2011)
Give thanks for food and farmers (11/23/2011)
Is your farm at risk for residues? (11/16/2011)
Three-times-a-day calf feeding gaining popularity (9/30/11)
Anti-ag front groups are at it again (9/28/11)
High cull cow prices should continue in 2012 (9/23/11)
9 tips for cooling dairy cows (9/16/2011)
You-tube proof your dairy (7/23/2011)
Just getting better with age (6/03/2011)
We’re the real animal welfare authorities (5/26/2011)
Do BRD and feed efficiency have genetic links? (4/29/2011)
Animal abuse: Whose side are you on? (4/28/2011)
Whole foods begins animal welfare labeling (3/30/2011)
Video highlights the best way to dehorn calves (1/10/2011)
Full stomachs and short memories in Europe (10/22/2010)
McDonald's board urges "no" on HSUS and PETA proposals (4/14/2010)
How to lose the argument on animal welfare (3/26/2010)
NEDPA approves best management practices (3/08/2010)
Pressing HSUS's feet to the fire (3/05/2010)
"Temple Grandin" makes HBO movie debut February 6 (2/05/2010)
What consumers want (2/04/2010)
HSUS starts countermeasure in Ohio, Humanewatch.org relauched (2/02/2010)
Vista Grande Farm honored for beef quality commitment (2/02/2010)

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