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With calves, less can sometimes be more

Fri, 04/15/2011

Scott Nordstrom, D.V.M., has seen it happen over and over: He cuts the number of vaccinations calves receive and then watches them do better.

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What the 2011 budget compromise means to ag

Thu, 04/14/2011

At almost the 11th hour, a budget compromise last Friday averted a threatened shutdown of federal government functions. Even though the shutdown was averted, it had some impact. For example, the first Senate ag committee field hearing on the 2012 Farm Bill to be held in Michigan last Saturday was cancelled. Read more

A different opinion on dairy policy reform

Wed, 04/13/2011

Last week’s Cooperative Network Dairy Directors and Leadership Conference slides are now posted. We did mention the Minneapolis Federal Reserve bank’s economic outlook last week: http://www.hoards.com/blog_economic_outlook801. Read more

Frost seeding clover into wheat shows promise

Tue, 04/12/2011

After reading research from their local University of Wisconsin-Extension agent based in Winnebago County, Pete and Charlie Knigge decided to give frost seeding red clover into winter wheat a try. Last year, they added 10 pounds of red clover seed per acre when they applied urea in the spring. Urea was applied at 150 pounds per acre. Read more

Hoard's Dairyman Bull List is ready to download

Mon, 04/11/2011

The April sire evaluations are ready for your review. We have created lists for all seven breeds. In the Holsteins, the Top 100 bulls for Net Merit are listed. All bulls must be in the top 40 percentile for Net Merit to be listed in the top lists for Fluid Merit, Cheese Merit, udders, feet and legs, productive life, somatic cell score, pregnancy rate, conception rate, and sire calving ease. Read more

California producers debate Foundation for the Future

Fri, 04/08/2011

If the large and attentive crowd that turned out in Visalia, Calif., on Tuesday to discuss the “Foundation for the Future” (FFTF) dairy policy proposal by National Milk Producers Federation reflected anything, it is how elusive unity and consensus remain within the industry. Read more

Budget battle lines being drawn

Thu, 04/07/2011

Talking about the federal budget for FY (fiscal year) 2012, which runs from next October to September 2012, seems a little like getting the cart before the horse. After all, Congress still is trying to work out budget details for the current fiscal year. In other words, the country is being run without a current budget in place. It will be interesting to see how that all plays out. Read more

The economic outlook for the Upper Midwest

Wed, 04/06/2011

The Cooperative Network, a federation of cooperatives in Minnesota and Wisconsin, held their annual dairy policy and leadership conference yesterday and today in Rochester, Minn. On Tuesday, a panel of four Dairy Industry Advisory Committee members discussed some of the thoughts and reasons behind the 23 recommendations they presented in early March. Read more

Dairy recommended as a cornerstone in American diets

Tue, 04/05/2011

Every five years, the federal government releases updated Dietary Guidelines for Americans, making recommendations on servings for the various food groups. Milk and dairy products continue to be an important entity in a healthy diet. Read more

Turley daughters matching Challenges at Hoard Farm

Mon, 04/04/2011

At the Hoard Farm’s recent classification, farm manager Jason Yurs and the Hoard’s Dairyman editors were discussing the best bulls used over the past decade. Idle Gold E Challenge-ET 1GU418 topped the short list of two with 7GU394 Penny Lane Royal Oak Turley coming in a close second. So far, Challenge is topping Turley based on health traits and higher udder scores. Read more

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