USDA APHIS VS has just announced its 2012 Ag-Discovery Program

USDA APHIS VS has just announced its 2012 Ag-Discovery Program

Ag-Discovery, a 2-3 week summer camp for middle school and high school students, is a great opportunity for youth with an interest in Agriculture/Veterinary medicine and other agriculture-related fields. There are 17 venues, all land-grant colleges or universities, across the US that will host camps this summer. Each venue has a unique focus. Virginia’s own Virginia State University is hosting an Ag-Discovery camp this year for the first time!

All Ag-Discovery camps are FREE, parents just have to get the child there and pick them up! Students can apply to however many as they wish even if there is an Ag-Discovery program in their state.

View the AgDiscovery Brochure to learn more.


Online forms -
(It is a secure website)

Here are a few items needed. For full details see the brochure.

• Three character references—letters from people not related to you who know you well. At least one of the three references must come from a teacher or counselor. If applying by mail, references must be submitted in sealed envelopes within the application package. If applying online, please follow the instructions on the application page for submitting reference letters.

• A completed application form. If you did not receive one with this leaflet, you can print the form from the Web. Go to and click on the AgDiscovery Program hotlink.

Mail your completed package to:
Ms. Beatrice Jacobs
USDA-APHIS Office of the Administrator
Civil Rights Enforcement and Compliance
4700 River Road, Unit 92
Riverdale, MD 20737-1234

On or prior to April 30, 2012, APHIS will notify you if you have been selected for this summer’s AgDiscovery program.