Hoard's Dairyman College Scholarships

Scholarships are a great way to pay for college. In the table below is a listing of scholarships available to youth majoring agriculture or with a dairy background. If you would like your scholarship added to our list, please send an email with all the information to editors@hoards.com.

Accelerated Genetics
Scholarships: 4-$500
Application: www.accelgen.com
Questions: 800-451-9275
Due: February 15
For high school seniors and college students planning to major in agriculture who are or have a family member who is a customer of Accelerated Genetics.

Agriculture Future of America
AFA Leader and Academic Scholarships
Scholarships: 40-$1,600 academic, $1,000 sponsorship to AFA Leaders Conference
Application: www.agfuture.org/scholarships
Questions: 816-472-4232
Due: March 14
For high school seniors and current college students pursuing 4-year degrees in an agriculture related field.

AgStar Financial Services
Fund for Rural America
Scholarships: 20-$1,000
Application: www.agstar.com
Questions: 952-997-1255
Due: April 1
For students who are residents of AgStar's territory.

American Agricultural Editors Association
Scholarships: 4-$1,000
Application: http://ageditors.com
Questions: 641-744-2114
Due: Late March
For members of the National ACT Organization.

American Guernsey Association
Scholarships: 2-$500, 2-$750
Application: www.usguernsey.com
Questions: 614-339-5392
Due: March 31
For AGA Junior Members. Requirements vary (see applications).

American Jersey Cattle Association
Scholarships: 9 awards totaling $18,000
Application: www.usjersey.com
Questions: 614-332-4456
Due: July 1
For students who have experience with Jersey cattle.

Brown Swiss Association
Scholarships: 1-$1,000
Application: www.brownswissusa.com
Questions: 608-365-4474
Due: March 15
For youth members majoring in agriculture, or for the purchase of a Brown Swiss calf.

California Farm Bureau
Scholarship Foundation
Scholarships: 20 to 30-$1,000
Application: www.cfbf.com
Questions: 916-561-5500
Due: March 1
For California residents.

CHS Foundation
Scholarships: 225-$1,000
Application: www.chsfoundation.org
Questions: 651-335-5129
Due: March 15
For high school and college students pursuing an agriculture related field.

Dairy Calf and Heifer Association Scholarship
Scholarships: 1-$1,000
Application: www.calfandheifer.org
Questions: 877-434-3377
Due: February
For a member or family member of DCHA pursuing an agriculture related field.

Dairy Farmers of America Scholarships
Scholarships: multiple-$1500
Application: www.dfamilk.com
Questions: 816-801-6502
Due: January 15
For students pursuing any aspect of the dairy industry ranging from herd management to nutrition, genetics, or communications. Applicants must also be enrolled in or planning to attend a two- or four-year accredited college, university, or trade school.

Daughters of American Agriculture
Scholarships: 2-$1,000
Application: www.americanagriwomen.org
Questions: 406-652-9678
Due: June 1
For young women with agriculture work experience and financial need.

DMI/National Dairy Shrine
Milk Marketing Scholarships
Scholarships: 1-$1,500, 6-$1,000
Application: www.dairyshrine.org
Questions: 920-863-6333
Due: April 15
For students planning a career in dairy product marketing.

Equity Cooperative Livestock Sales Association
Scholarships: 10-$1,000 and and two $750 specifically for technical college students
Application: www.equitycoop.com
Questions: 800-362-3989 ext: 152
Due: November 24, 2014
Applications are evaluated on scholastic achievement, leadership, extracurricular activities, motivation, and academic and personal goals. Applicants or parents must be an active member of the association.

Family Dairies USA
Scholarships: Several $500
Application: www.fdusa.org
Questions: 608-244-3373
Due: April 1
For members or family members of Family Dairies USA.

Farm Kids For College
Sponsored by National Farmers Organization
Scholarships: 3-$1,000
Application: www.nfo.org
Questions: 515-598-4670
Due: March 7
For high school seniors planning to major in an agriculture related field.

Farm Credit West
Scholarships: Several $1,000
Application: www.farmcreditwest.com
Questions: 915-780-1166
Due: Late June
For Farm Credit West members and immediate family.

Farm Credit East
Scholarships: 28-$1,500
Application: www.farmcrediteast.com
Questions: email specialoffers@farmcrediteast.com
For Farm Credit East customers or dependents of customers.

Foremost Farms USA
Scholarships: 10-$2,000
Application: www.foremostfarms.com
Questions: 507-931-1682
Due: Late February
For cooperative member-owners or children of member-owners.

Horizon Organic HOPE Scholarship
Scholarships: up to 4-$2,500
Application: Contact Robyn Nick
Questions: 303-635-4575
Due: mid-May
For children or grandchildren of Horizon producers.

Institute of Food Technologists
Scholarships: 32-$1,000
Application: www.ift.org
Questions: 312-782-8424
Due: Mid-March
For food science/technology majors.

Leo Briggs Memorial Scholarship
Scholarships: 1-$500
Application: email mosgood@adac.com
Questions: 315-472-9143
Due: November 16
For a student from New York, northeastern Pennsylvania, or Northern New Jersey with an interest in agriculture or dairy product nutrition.

NDS/Kildee Scholarships
Scholarships: 2-$3,000, 1-$2,000
Application: www.dairyshrine.org
Questions: 920-863-6333
Due: April 15
The top 25 individuals in the national 4-H/FFA and intercollegiate judging contests are eligible to apply.

NDS/Klussendorf Scholarship
Scholarships: 2-$1,500
Application: www.dairyshrine.org
Questions: 920-863-6333
Due: April 15
For dairy science majors planning to enter into the dairy industry as a breeder, owner, herdsperson, or fitter.

Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative
Scholarships: 5-$1,000, 5-$500
Application: www.mdvamilk.com
Questions: 800-552-1976
Due: May
For dependents or employees of members.

NDS/McCullough Scholarships
Scholarships: 1-$2,500, 1-$1,000
Application: www.dairyshrine.org
Questions: 920-863-6333
Due: April 15
For high school seniors planning to major in dairy and/or animal science and communications.

Midwest Dairy Association
Scholarships: 34 of varying amounts
Application: www.midwestdairycheckoff.com
Questions: 800-642-3895
Due: Varies
The awards are available for 7 regions in the Midwest. Must be an immediate family member of a dairy producer.

Murray Wise Associates
Scholarships: Several at $1,000 or more (renewable)
Application: www.murraywiseassociates.com/foundation
Questions: 800-607-6888
Due: March 31
Recipients are selected based on academic credentials, including class rank, grade point average and test scores. "Because we are seeking to identify and help future leaders, we also look for those who have demonstrated leadership qualities, especially in agriculture and community-based extracurricular activities."

National Association of Farm Broadcasters
Scholarships: 2-$4,000, 1-$5,000
Application: www.nafb.com
Questions: 614-335-0020
Due: Early June
For agricultural communications students with interest in broadcasting.

National Ayrshire Youth Committee
Scholarship: 1-$500
Application: www.usayrshire.com
Questions: 614-335-0020
Due: March 1
For a five-year junior association member planning a career in agriculture.

National Corn Growers and BASF
Scholarships: 5-$1,000
Application: www.ncga.com
Questions: 636-733-9004 ext. 137
Due: Early December
For Students pursuing a degree in an agriculture-related field and who are immediate family of a national Corn Growers member.

National Dairy Promotion and Research Board
Scholarships: 19-$1,500, 1-$2,500
Application: www.dairycheckoff.com
Questions: 847-627-3320
Due: April 15
(Sophomore through seniors) For majors in communications and/or public relations, journalism, marketing, business, economics, nutrition, food science and agricultural education.

National DHIA Scholarship Program
Scholarships: Several-$750
Application: www.dhia.org
Questions: 614-890-3630
Due: October 15
Applicant must have an immediate family member that is on DHIA test or is a DHIA employee.

National Farmers Union Foundation
Scholarships: 1-$2,000, 6-$500
Application: www.nfu.org
Questions: 800-347-1961
Due: February to April
For high school seniors who are members of the Farmers Union.

National FFA Organization
Scholarships: 400-plus for a total of
more than $1 million
Application: www.ffa.org
Due: February 15
Application packets are available online or from your FFA advisor.

National Holstein Women’s Scholarship Foundation
Scholarships: To be announced
Application: www.nhwso.com
Questions: 802-786-5290
Due: February
For members of the Junior Holstein Association who have completed one year of college and are pursuing a career in an agricultural field.

National Milk Producers Federation Scholarship
Scholarships: Vaires
Application: www.nmpf.org
Questions: 703-243-6111
Due: Late April or Early May
For majors that emphasize dairy

National Poultry and Food Distributors Association
Scholarships: Several $1,000 and $2,000
Application: www.nfda.org
Questions: 315-472-9134
Due: Late May

North American International Livestock Exposition
Scholarship: 1-$1,000
Application: www.livestockexpo.org
Questions: 502-595-3166
Due: Late September
For a high school senior that exhibits dairy at NAILE.

Northwest Farm Credit Services
Scholarships: 44-$1,500
Application: www.farm-credit.com
Questions: 800-743-2125
Due: To be announced.
For customers in Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Alaska.
Any major is eligible, but preference is given to agriculture students.

Pennsylvania Dairy Promotion Program

  • Dairy Science Scholarship
    Scholarships: 1 - $1,500
    Application: http://goo.gl/MZjvkc
    Questions: 267-322-6917
    Due: May 1
    Consideration for this scholarship shall be given to full-time undergraduate students entering their sophomore-senior year who are enrolled in the Livestock Science and Management in the Animal Science Department at Delaware Valley College.
  • Food Marketing Scholarship
    Scholarships: 1 - $1,500
    Application: http://goo.gl/FRHnPI
    Questions: 267-322-6917
    Due: May 1
    Consideration for this scholarship shall be given to full-time undergraduate students entering their sophomore-senior year who are enrolled in the Department of Food Marketing at Saint Joseph’s University.
  • Pennsylvania Dairy Innovation Scholarship
    Scholarships: 1 - $1,500
    Application: http://ow.ly/8Xh9y
    Questions: 267-322-6917
    Due: May 1
    Consideration for this scholarship shall be given to all full-time undergraduate students enrolled in the Department of Food Science in the College of Agricultural Sciences at The Pennsylvania State University who have a minimum grade-point average of 3.0.

Pennsylvania Dairymen's Association/Center for Dairy Excellence
Scholarships: 7 - $3,000
Application: http://centerfordairyexcellence.org/student-leader-scholarships/
Questions: Jayne Sebright at 717-346-0849
Due: June 1
Students must be pursuing a dairy related career and must be an undergraduate enrolled in a qualifying field of study. Five of the scholarships awarded through the Student Leader Program will be designated at Pennsylvania Dairymen’s Association Scholarships, while the remaining two will be designated as Center Foundation Scholarships.

Priority One
Scholarships: 2-$3,000
Application: www.forhealthycows.com
Questions: 920-682-0264
Due: December 1
For immediate family of Priority One customers.

Red & White Dairy Cattle Association
Scholarships: 3-$1000
Web: www.redandwhitecattle.com
Application: rwdcainfo@gmail.com
Questions: 608-676-4909
Due date depends on convention date (usually June 1). For members of RWDCA.

Scholar Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year
Scholarships: 25-$7,500
Application: www.bodybymilk.com
Due: To be Announced.
For high school student athletes.

Select Sire Power
Scholarships: 1-$2,500, several $750
Application: www.selectsirepower.com
Questions: 540-483-5123
Due: January 31
For a college student majoring in agriculture who is or has a family member who is a customer of Select Sire Power.

Sullivan Show Supply
Scholarships: 20-$1,000
Application: www.sullivansupply.com
Due: May 1
For students with a passion for the livestock industry and/or raising livestock.

Turf and Ornamental Communications Association
Scholarships: 1-$2,000
Application: www.toca.org
Questions: 952-958-6340
Due: March 1
For a student pursuing a career in green industry communications.

Upper Midwest Dairy Industry Association
Scholarships: 3-$1,000
Application: http://umdia.org
Questions: email Elaine.santi@state.mn.us
Due: January 31
For students in the UMDIA region pursuing a degree related to the dairy industry.

United Agribusiness League
Scholarships: 10 to 15-$1,000 to $5,000
Application: www.ual.org
Questions: 800-223-4590
Due: March 31
For students majoring in agriculture.

United Dairymen of Idaho
Scholarships: 7-$1,500
Application: www.idahodairymens.org
Questions: 208-736-1953
Due: February 15
For high school seniors that are children of Idaho dairy farm families.

WinField Careers in Agriculture
Scholarships: 1-$1,000
Application: www.winfield.com
Questions: 651-375-5244 (Megan Sjostrom)
Due: February 1
For students pursuing two- or four-year degrees in agronomy, crop production or closely related fields. The scholarship is available only to high school seniors, graduating in 2013, or college students in their first or second year of pursuing a two- or four-year degree.