Food Finds at Expo

Hoard's Dairyman: 

Food Finds at Expo

Wed, 09/29/2010

There are the cows, the trade show, and dairy enthusiasts…but, don’t forget that about the food. After spending the morning walking around, we have come up with the best food finds on the Expo grounds.

1. Stop by the Cattlemen’s Beef Board (EH 4509) to try some chili
2. Or stop by Vita Plus (EH 1801-1902) for ice cream.
3. Outside of the D entrance to the Exhibition Hall, you’ll find the GEA Farm Technologies Ice Cream Parlor(ice cream provided by Cedar Crest)
4. A variety of free cheese samples in the Exhibition Hall
5. The Java Trolley Express, for a quick coffee fix
6. The Real Wisconsin Cheese stand, located in the dining area, for freshly battered and fried cheese
7. The Dane County Pork Producers
8. The Green County Ag Chest, serving cream puffs and a variety of other REAL dairy products
9. The Wisconsin Cattlemen’s Association

And last but not least…

10. The Badger Dairy Club’s Grilled Cheese Stand

You would have to be a court jester to pass these places up….