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Give them their space

Tue, 08/23/2016

Utilizing a bedded pack, adequate feedbunk space, and careful monitoring, this herd gets their special needs cows back in business quick.

cow on bedded pack

By Darleen Sichley, Oregon Dairy Farmer

Every operation is unique and different, but there are some ideas and practices that can be universally beneficial. One of those areas we have found on our dairy that plays a significant role in our success is a special needs pen.

Appropriately named special needs, this bedded pack pen houses our fresh cows, lame animals, and any other cow that is in need of a little special care. This pen allows us to sort a struggling cow from the milking herd as it exits the parlor. A sawdust bedded pack, large waterer, and separate feed space means this pen is completely partitioned from the rest of the herd to provide everything this group requires. Read more

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