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Best blogs of 2014: Robotic rotary parlor count is now 11

Mon, 07/07/2014

All are in Europe and Australia. Herd sizes range from 300 to 850.

rotary milking parlor

by Dennis Halladay, Hoard’s Dairyman Western Editor

If robots are the next evolution of milking cows on a large scale, then the future is here already. Except it is happening slowly and not at all in the U.S. . . . yet.

Several companies have sold single- or multiple-stall robotic systems since the 1980s, but all have been aimed at small dairies. DeLaval is the only firm that has married robotic technology to the rotary parlor format that is popular with big herds. At the heart of its automatic milking rotary (AMR) system is a computer that controls multiple robots to perform teat preparation, milking unit attachment and postmilking teat spraying for up to 24 stalls. Read more

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