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Cow milking is evolving toward robots

Fri, 11/28/2014

Technology is relentlessly eroding the need to attach machines by hand.

robotic milker

by Dennis Halladay, Hoard’s Dairyman Western Editor

Little by little, cow milking is evolving from manual to automated. Not just for small herds, but for everyone.

Adoption of robotic milking technology, whether as individual “box” units or as automated rotaries, is a fast-growing trend being driven by computers, software, generational changes, and lifestyle choices . . . but especially by declining labor supply.

“No one wants to retire as a milker. There’s no excitement in that for a young person or for anyone,” says Peter Langebeeke, president of Lely North America Inc., a division of the world’s largest robotic milking machine manufacturer. Read more

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