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Trade show attendee tips

Fri, 02/05/2016

Have a plan for what you want to see and do.

By Patti Hurtgen, Hoard’s Dairyman Online Media Manager

trade showWinter – the season when not a lot happens in the fields. And for this reason, trade shows are scheduled to entice busy farmers to attend.

With World Ag Expo next week in California, I’ll be working in the Hoard’s Dairyman booth. Acres of diversified ag products will be on display to serve all types of attendees from grape growers to cattle ranchers to nut processors. Fortunately for dairy producers, the majority of dairy businesses are in one building.

There are plenty of suggestions for booth workers to maximize their exposure at these events. That being said, attendees should also be planning to get the most of their time at a trade show. Here are a few tips for optimizing your time spent at an agriculture trade show. Read more

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