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Secure your farm to protect your reputation

Thu, 10/08/2015

by Hannah Thompson

Having grown up working in the dairy industry, I know firsthand how hard dairy farm families work to make cow comfort and safety a top priority. Unfortunately, animal rights groups, with the ultimate goal of ending the consumption of milk, meat and eggs, make their top priority misleading consumers about how dairy cows are cared for on farms.

One method of accomplishing this is sending “undercover” activists to gain employment on farms. These individuals — who are also being paid by animal rights activist organizations in addition to collecting a paycheck from the farm — have the sole mission of capturing footage or images that activist organizations can use to depict the industry in a poor light.

Let me be clear — no one in animal agriculture condones any sort of animal abuse. If animal mistreatment is occurring, it needs to be reported and dealt with swiftly. Read more

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