New cows, new problems?

Tue, 08/26/2014

The introduction of cows into your herd can present a big threat for new diseases.

dairy cattle truck

by Abby Bauer, Hoard’s Dairyman Associate Editor

With strong milk prices, farms may wish to bring more cows in to help fill the bulk tank. Outlets for purchasing dairy cattle are plentiful, but so are the disease risks new animals can bring to your herd.

Introducing new cattle may be more risky than ever before. In an article in the Dairy Farmers of Ontario publication Milk Producer, veterinarian Ann Godkin explained that more access to a greater variety of tests at a lower cost from veterinary diagnostic labs and milk recording organizations have led farms to do more testing. This is obviously a positive for the dairy industry, but with more testing producers become more aware of a cow’s disease status and more likely to remove a test-positive cow from the herd. Read more

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