Handy Hints

If you have a handy way to handle something on your farm, submit it as one of our famed Handy Hints (and make some money while doing it.) You can email it to an editor -editors@hoards.com- and your hint could be printed and shared with tens of thousands of producers worldwide. Handy Hints that are published receive $30 and if you include a clear, reproducible photo, that earns you an additional $20.

The photo should be at least 240 dpi (dots per inch) and approximately 4" x 6" in size to print well in our magazine. And, when you provide your full mailing address with your hint, payment will be sent promptly. (Hints and photos can also be mailed to the Hoard’s Dairyman office at PO Box 801, Fort Atkinson, Wis., 53538)

Here are a few Handy Hints from fellow readers.

Handy Hint January 10 Hinged gate closes man pass
Handy Hint January 25 A milk house floor saver
Handy Hint February 10 Get little helpers ready for barn chores
Handy Hint February 25 PVC pipes track calf feeding
Handy Hint March 10 Racks help bundle tires
Handy Hint March 25 Gates are easier to open
Handy Hint April 10 Keep winter’s wrath away from calves
Handy Hint April 25 A row of clean bottles
Handy Hint May 10 This tool scrapes and rakes
Handy Hint May 25 Cleans every inch of an esophageal tube
Handy Hint June Cold milk gets the green light
Handy Hint July No surprise pipeline washes
Handy Hint August 10 Keep new calves close by
Handy Hint August 25 Recycled seat makes for a smoother tractor ride
Handy Hint September 10 Let the light shine in
Handy Hint September 25 Wash bottles with a push of a button

Handy Hint January 10 A way to better track colostrum
Handy Hint January 25 This mineral feeder stays in place
Handy Hint February 10 Ensure headlocks are unlocked
Handy Hint February 25 Giving drivers a heads-up
Handy Hint March 10 Level driveways and cow yards
Handy Hint March 25 Adapted loader bucket moves trees and brush
Handy Hint April 10 This wall stops the wind
Handy Hint April 25 No awkward third wheel here
Handy Hint May 10 Flashing tape works great on silage bags
Handy Hint May 25 Save hats from washing machine wear and tear
Handy Hint June Give cows privacy while calving
Handy Hint July Portable vise makes work easier
Handy Hint August 10 Combine gates for a flexible cattle corral
Handy Hint August 25 A Flexible Sprayer
Handy Hint September 10 A windbreak made of recycled tires
Handy Hint September 25 A scraper support system
Handy Hint October 10 A cow scratcher on demand
Handy Hint October 25 Calves on the Move
Handy Hint November Get it right the first time
Handy Hint December Make It Easy to Keep Tanks Clean

Handy Hint January 10 Gates train heifers
Handy Hint January 25 55-gallon drum makes packing weight
Handy Hint February 10 Wrap works better on teat injury
Handy Hint February 25 Great replacement for shoelaces
Handy Hint March 10 Barrel gives float protection
Handy Hint March 25 Belt keeps knives out of pockets and within reach
Handy Hint Apr 25 Hydraulic hose more durable for parlor
Handy Hint May 10 Jig moves combine headers
Handy Hint May 25 Creative solution for a small commodity bay
Handy Hint June Quick and easy calf ID
Handy Hint July Bottle holder keeps sunlight out
Handy Hint August 10 Makes great footing for cows
Handy Hint August 25 Keep vaccination supplies handy
Handy Hint September 10 Save plastic with smooth bunker edges
Handy Hint September 25 Extended chute saves trucks and grain
Handy Hint October 10 Keep water tank hose in place
Handy Hint October 25 An unbreakable bottle holder
Handy Hint November Keep vaccines convenient and cool
Handy Hint December Shield keeps stalls dry

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