Hoard's Dairyman Farm Herd

Guernseys on pasture

Our Guernseys
RHA: 18,688 M 4.9% 918 3.5% 656 (2,242 pounds cheese)
Classification: Average score 81.4
19 Excellent (above 90 points), 156 Very Good (80 to 89), 103 Desirable (70 to 79)
  • #2 Guernsey Herd in the Nation for Protein
  • #4 Guernsey Herd in the Nation for Fat and Milk
  • Home to 23 of the nation's Top 100 Component Queens
    (Highest for combined protein and fat production)

Our Jerseys
RHA: 19,962 M 5.2% 1,039 3.8% 764 (2,615 pounds cheese)
Classification: Average score 81.8
9 Excellent (above 90 points), 205 Very Good (80 to 89), 80 Desirable (70 to 79)

Guernsey Herd Standouts

Rolling Prairie Bella Blue EX-95 EX-95 MS

Dairyman Iceman Rosebowl EX-90 EX-MS

Dairyman Mint Phonze

Cow Families

Rowena Family

Dairyman Sharp Rowena EX-92
Dairyman Tiller Rowanne VG-86
Dairyman Royalty Raven VG-88 EX-90 FL
Dairyman Alstar Rowannie VG-88
Dairyman Iceman Rosebowl EX-90 EX-MS
Dairyman Hudson Rosa D-78

Ruthie Family

Rutter Bros Perfecto's Ruthie EX-91
Dairyman Hershey Rainbow EX-90
Dairyman Pies Rake VG-86 VG-86 MS
Dairyman Lane Royal VG-84

Phoem Family

Marfred Enticer Phoem EX-90
Dairyman Spider Phame-ET VG-88
Dairyman Cordell Phanny EX-90 EX-MS
Dairyman Mint Phonze New!

Daydream Family

Dairyman Tiller Daydream EX-90
Dairyman Mr. America Dare-ET
Dairyman Neon Dilly VG-86 EX-MS

Blitzen Family

Rutter Bros Pokers Blitzen EX-90
Dairyman Phantom Blitz VG-82

Dawn Family

Dairyman Challenge Dalite EX-90 EX-92 F&L
Rutter Bros Royal Oaks Dawn EX-92 EX-92 MS

Bonnella Family

Dairyman Les Bonito VG-84
Dairyman Leader Bonnet VG-88

Pansy Family

Rolling Prairie P King Pansy EX-90
Dairyman Ransom Pacific VG-86
Dairyman Blue Spruce Paci VG-87 New!
Dairyman Challenge Pets VG-87 New!

Britt Family

Marfred Loral Britt-ET VG-88
Dairyman Spider Branded EX-91 EX-MS

Jolly Family

Rolling Prairie Danza Jolly EX-91 EX-MS
Dairyman Copper Jollyn EX-90

Nila Family

Valley Set Hansom Nila EX-92
Dairyman Cordell Natalie EX-90

Lollie Family

Dairyman Storm Lollie EX-90
Dairyman Samson Lolipop VG-85

Daria Family

Dairyman Neon Daria VG-87
Dairyman Copper Daven VG-84 New!
Dairyman Phonze 2053 VG-84 New!

Leona Family

Dairyman Aaron Leona EX-90 EX-MS EX-90 F&L
Dairyman Garrett 2134 VG-85 New!

Guernsey Herd Favorites in the Herd

Dairyman Double L 1956 VG-86 New!
Dairyman Mint 2183 VG-83 New!
Dairyman Crunch Ciara VG-86 VG-MS
Dairyman Morey Doodle VG-88 VG-88 MS
Dairyman Yogibear Elyse EX-90 EX-MS
Dairyman Turley Halla EX-90 EX-MS
Dairyman Conrad Justice VG-88 EX-MS
Dairyman Toro Libel VG-85
Dairyman Lightning Lysle-Tw VG-83
Dairyman Levi Links EX-90 EX-MS
Howerton Farms Roy Pistachio EX-91 EX-MS EX F&L
Dairyman Spider Roseoil EX-90
Jaris Hills Natural Sandy EX-90 New!
Dairyman Turley Seashel EX-91 EX-MS

Past Guernsey Herd Favorites with Descendants in the Herd

Howerton Farms Reward Clove EX-91 EX-MS
Sunset Farms Hawk Daisy EX-92 EX-90 MS
Dairyman Chiller Delovely VG-87
Dairyman A P Drempt VG-85 VG-88-MS
Lily Lane Challenge Jan-ET EX-90 EX-MS
Dairyman Ben Neater VG-82
Howerton Farms Laser Yoho EX-91

Jersey Herd

Dairyman Mahari 2176 New!