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Functional Claw Trimming DVD

A 30-minute DVD shows claw trimming technique as described in the book Manual of Foot Care. DVD includes both English and Spanish versions.

Tecnico Funcional para el Recorte Correctivo de las Pezuñas DVD
Video de 30 minutos muestra el tecnico como descrito en el libro Manual de Cuidado de las Pezuñas en Bovinos. DVD contiene dos idiomas, español y ingles.

Profitable Milking DVD / Ordeño eficiente

This 34-minute video presents best practices related to the efficiency of milking, udder health and milk quality practices. An excellent tool for training indispensable milkers. Spanish, English and French. Its content includes:

* The importance of routine;
* Identification of treated or infected cows and milking order;
* Lowering the milking time and the effect of stress;
* Milking Routine: detection of mastitis, teat cleaning, attachment and adjustment of the cluster, withdrawal of the unit, post-dipping the teats;
* Organization of work in the milking parlor and preparation of the milking and cooling;
* And much more!

Fresh Cow Exam DVD/Conduciendo el examen de las vacas post parto DVD

Dr. Sheila McGuirk, DMV takes us through the fresh cow pen to show how to determine which cows should be examined and how to identify the eight conditions that commonly occur in fresh cows. English and also dubbed in Spanish.

La Dra. Sheila McGuirk, MV nos guía a través del corral de vacas post parto para mostrarnos como determinar que vacas deben ser examinadas y como identificar las ocho condiciones que ocurren comúnmente en vacas post parto.