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Cow Signals

“Cows send out useful information every moment of the day. You just need to know how to read the signals.” Signals are continuous: cows’ health, their well-being, nutrition and production. The challenge is to recognize and use these signals.

Dairy Cattle Fertility and Sterility Book

Nutrition, genetic factors, diseases of reproduction, embryo losses, breeding heifers, pregnancy diagnosis, synch strategies, fine-tuning your reproductive program, also description of anatomy and explanation of the basic reproductive processes.

Produced in cooperation with Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council, 92 pages

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Embryo Transfer in Dairy Cattle
Gestation and Interval Calculator

Fertilidad y Esterilidad en Ganado Lechero/ Dairy Cattle Fertility and Sterility

Información sobre la nutrición, los factores genéticos, enfermedades de la reproducción, muerte embrionaria, diagnóstico de gestación, estrategias de sincronización, como afinar su programa reproductiva y más, con los detalles básicos de la anatomía y los procesos de la reproducción. 91 páginas. Traducido al español por Dr. Victor Mireles.

El libro también presenta la anatomía de la reproducción; desarrollo del becerro; requisitos de la vaca parturienta y del recién nacido; nutrición y fertilidad; problemas hereditarios; enfermedades de la reproducción; mejoramiento del manejo - consejos y registros; inseminación de sus propias vacas; tratamiento de la infecundidad.

Embryo Transfer in Dairy Cattle

by Seidel, Elsden & Hasler
Embryo transfer in dairy cattle has been updated throughout with new information on sexing embryos, sexing semen, cloning, marketing, as well as the basics and economics of this technology. This edition was revised in 2003. 96 pages.

Gestation and interval calculator

Gestation & Interval Calculator gives calf due dates; keeps tabs on intervals between services, calving to first heat, to fine-tune reproductive management.

The Dairy Cow Today: US Trends, Breeding and Progress Since 1980

by Spahr & Opperman.
Second edition, this book features the major players, human and bovine from 1975 to 1995. Over 180 pictured. Key sire lines and female families for each breed. Copyright 1995. 184 pages.

Caring for Transition Cows

by Mike Hutjens & Earl Aalseth, DVM.
Get cows off on the right start – every effort and dollar spent on transition cow well-being pays off in the following lactation. Managing far-off, close-up cows and springing heifers; Transition cow disorders; Management tools. 64 pages