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M7 Dairy Freestall Housing and Equipment Dairy Freestall Housing & Equipment

New! From the planning and development process to various housing options, this book contains tables, charts, figures and measurements to customize your dairy housing needs. Edition updates include: increased freestall dimensions; freestall housing; heifer facilities; milking parlors and equipment; ventilation systems; feed storage and distribution and more. 232 pages
8th Edition
by MidWest Plan Service

N200 Penn State Housing Plans for Milking & Special Needs Cows

Details 12 free-stall barns, two- to six-row, from 62 stalls up to 348 stalls; section for dry, pre- & post-fresh/hospital includes 11 plans, including free-stall and bedded pack shelters, and a section on building component details. 100 pages.