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Farming with Family Ain't Always Easy Farming with Family Ain't Always Easy

Family businesses are always difficult but specifically in agriculture when families are working together. The dysfunctional manner in which patriarchs hand over management control creates dysfunctional managers, crazy families and out of control business management. This book focuses on how management is transferred, not just the assets.

Notice To The Help sign Notice To The Help

A timeless quote from W.D. Hoard that you can post or frame for your farm. Remind employees and family that the foster mother of the human race is meant to be treated with care and respect.

One Small Farm One Small Farm

In One Small Farm, Craig Schreiner’s evocative color photographs capture one family as they maintain the rhythms and routines of small farm life near Pine Bluff, Wis.

The Four Seasons Farm Cookbook

This popular cookbook sold out rapidly when Hoard’s Dairyman first published it years ago. Now reissued, it features over 200 recipes organized to take advantage of each season’s bounty. Check out favorites Oven-Made Caramel Corn, Pat’s Cheese-Broccoli Bake and many more. Comb-binding, 109 pages, complete index.

The Complete Book of Butchering, Smoking, Curing and Sausage MakingHere's the ideal hands-on guidebook for self-sufficient farmers and hunters with step-by-step instructions on butchering beef, venison, pork, lamb, poultry and goats. Time-tested advice on how to cure the meat by smoking or salting helps you preserve your harvest. A final section explains how to make sausages. Numerous mouth-watering recipes are included. Softbound, 256 pages. Return to the bookstore or Gift Books $24.99
Handy Hints

New! Some 350 of the top Handy Hints submitted by Hoard's Dairyman readers over the last 10 years. You're bound to find great ideas for saving time and money! Conveniently organized into categories of Housing, gates and fences; Feeding and feed handling; Milking systems; Records and health; Shop, machinery and miscellaneous. 80 pages.

The Dairy Diaries

NEW! by Nancy M. Gray. A collection of short stories taken from 30 years of dairy farming. Heartfelt and direct, you share in the trials, joys and sorrows: calvings, farm kids, cow tales and tails, winter water woes, 4-H champions, farm dogs and farm cats, the farmer: jack of all trades. 137 pages, softbound

Dairy Collectibles

by James Baird
Dairy collectibles takes you back through our industry's history; describes and illustrates over 400 items, and this edition, revised in 2002, includes an updated buyer's price guide.

Dairy-related Careers

Helps young people make the most of their education/farm background to find a career. Individuals describe over 25 careers, their duties, demands, rewards. 64 pages.

National Dairy Shrine's First 50 Years

National Dairy Shrine's First 50 Years describes the founding of the Shrine and its tremendous contribution to the dairy industry through the years.

The Dairy Cow Today: US Trends, Breeding and Progress Since 1980

by Spahr & Opperman.
Second edition, this book features the major players, human and bovine from 1975 to 1995. Over 180 pictured. Key sire lines and female families for each breed. Copyright 1995. 184 pages.

W.D. Hoard: A Man for His Time

The founder of Hoard's Dairyman magazine also was an important figure for his agricultural innovations and his role in education and government.

Foster Mothers of the Human Race Signed and Numbered Print

Features all dairy breeds, painted in celebration of the 125th Anniversary of Hoard’s Dairyman, dairy artist Bonnie Mohr created an updated “Foster Mothers of the Human Race” painting. Print measures 18” x 24”. Shipping of the artwork is from Bonnie Mohr's studio in Minnesota. As you can imagine, the image is quite popular. So, please be patient as shipping can take up to two weeks.