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M7 Dairy Freestall Housing and Equipment Dairy Freestall Housing & Equipment

Your one stop shop for dairy planning!

From the planning and development process to various housing options, this book contains tables, charts, figures and measurements to customize your dairy housing needs. Edition updates include: increased freestall dimensions; freestall housing; heifer facilities; milking parlors and equipment; ventilation systems; feed storage and distribution and more.

232 pages
8th Edition
by MidWest Plan Service

Feeding Guide Book

Dairy cow physiology; optimizing dry matter intake; feeding and the gestation/lactation cycle; ration formulation; purchasing and valuing feed; special feeding challenges; BST;

University of Illinois Dairy Nutrition CD & Book

Dairy Nutrition CD from the Univ. of Illinois online course, Advanced Dairy Nutrition is team-taught by

Dave Fischer, Mike Hutjens, Jim Drackley, Jimmy Clark, Richard Wallace, Ric Grummer, Garrett Oetzel and Ken Nordlund.
Price includes CD and 2008 Hoard’s Feeding Guide book.

NEW EDITION: Teaching modules have simultaneous text available; The Advance Dairy Nutrition Handbook is now a searchable PDF; there are two new handouts, “Rules of Dairy Nutrition” and “Evaluating Feed Additives” ; CD now runs on both PCs and Macs.

Forage Management for Dairy

by Mike Hutjens. Forage is the backbone of the dairy ration: sections include feeding strategies to maximize value while saving costs;

Successful Feeding Systems for Dairy

by Mike Hutjens
Focus is all types of feeding systems, their practicality for different herd sizes and economics, from grain feeding to TMRs; also feed storage, feed bunk management. 56 pages

Feed Ingredient Book Directory of Feeds & Feed Ingredients PDF

by Charles Macgregor. Revised and expanded, over 150 feeds, with feeding guidelines and composition for as-fed/dry matter basis. A real help when purchasing feed. Index. 95 pages. Third edition

All PDFs will be emailed to you within 24 to 48 hours of your purchase.

Feed By-Product Listing and Quiz

Guess 20 by-product feeds from their appearance/description. (Reprint of 2/25/97 article)