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Hoard Leadership Book

New! Through his quotes, W.D. Hoard left an ever-lengthening shadow of service on the dairy industry. This beautiful hardcover book documents Hoard’s insightfulness, along with the timeline of our evolving dairy industry as captured in restored historical photographs.
• 96-pages, 8” x 8”

• premium dust jacket
• elegant double foil stamped hardcover
• signature quotes from the father of modern dairying

We Need a Show We Need a Show

New! World Dairy Expo will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2016, and to celebrate this milestone, journalists have collaborated to create a historical book reminiscing on 50 years of Expo memories. The limited edition commemorative book, We Need a Show, gives insight into how the show began, explores the struggles and successes over the years, and looks into what the future might hold.

Practical Organic Dairy Farming Practical Organic Dairy Farming

New! Combining the intricacies of dairy cow health care with the welfare protocols of the USDA organic program, author and veterinarian Paul Biagiotti details vital information for managing organic dairy animals. The book contains academic as well as experiential recommendations formed during the author's 28 years of veterinary service.

How to Control Somatic Cell Counts How to Control Somatic Cell Counts

by Peter Edmondson
Controlling somatic cell counts can be an ongoing battle for many dairy farmers. How to Control Somatic Cell Counts is written by a veterinarian who specializes resolving mastitis issues, making this book a great resource.

Christmas Drawings Book

Limited copies available! Beginning in 1948, long-time Hoard's Dairyman art director Jim Baird crafted beautiful Christmas themed drawings to grace the cover of the December issue of the magazine. This book is a collection of his cover drawings and will only be available for a limited time.

• 24 pages
• 43 black and white images

Manual of Foot Care in Cattle

SECOND EDITION: Greatly expanded, this invaluable guide covers infectious and noninfectious diseases, now in two chapters. Diagnosis of upper leg lameness in calves through adult cattle is probably the most complete information anywhere. The newest data on managing footbaths is presented. Staying on top of herd foot problems through better data management, and the tools to do this are recommended. Cow handling facilities as recommended by Dr Temple Grandin and Bud Williams are described and illustrated. Finally, protocol for humanely managing lame cows. Still offers great basics on anatomy and foot trimming, and causes of lameness. By Drs. Jan Shearer and Sarel van Amstel. 132 pages.

Notice To The Help sign Notice To The Help

A timeless quote from W.D. Hoard that you can post or frame for your farm. Remind employees and family that the foster mother of the human race is meant to be treated with care and respect.

Learning Linear

A 24-page, in-depth book centered on the Young Dairymen linear series. It includes 90-plus color photos and a full-page body parts’ diagram. To further enhance learning, there are additional educational items not found in the magazine series. These include two linear scoring worksheets, non-linear traits and the PDCA scorecard. 24 pages

The Big Fat Surprise The Big Fat Surprise

Teicholz reveals that everything we thought we knew about dietary fat is wrong, specifically saturated fat. She discusses how the low-fat nutrition advice of the past 60 years has had disastrous consequences on our health and that the foods we’ve been denying ourselves - cream cheeses, sizzling steaks - may be the key to reversing the epidemics of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Softbound • 496 pages

M7 Dairy Freestall Housing and Equipment Dairy Freestall Housing & Equipment

Your one stop shop for dairy planning!

From the planning and development process to various housing options, this book contains tables, charts, figures and measurements to customize your dairy housing needs. Edition updates include: increased freestall dimensions; freestall housing; heifer facilities; milking parlors and equipment; ventilation systems; feed storage and distribution and more.

232 pages
8th Edition
by MidWest Plan Service

Handy Hints

Some 350 of the top Handy Hints submitted by Hoard's Dairyman readers over the last 10 years. You're bound to find great ideas for saving time and money! Conveniently organized into categories of Housing, gates and fences; Feeding and feed handling; Milking systems; Records and health; Shop, machinery and miscellaneous. 80 pages.

Leading to Win – Showmanship

New US edition: This book details what the young showman needs to know, and includes the newly released PDCA Showmanship Evaluation card. Contents include the fundamentals of showmanship; attributes of top competitors; judges' secrets of success; also, the ideal judge and giving good reasons. Canadian customers: Please contact Holstein Canada. 17 pages.

Leading to Win – Showmanship DVD

Shows winning technique in action in the show-ring. 16 minutes. Canadian customers: please contact Holstein Canada.

The Four Seasons Farm Cookbook

This popular cookbook sold out rapidly when Hoard’s Dairyman first published it years ago. Now reissued, it features over 200 recipes organized to take advantage of each season’s bounty. Check out favorites Oven-Made Caramel Corn, Pat’s Cheese-Broccoli Bake and many more. Comb-binding, 109 pages, complete index.

Cow Record Folders

Cow Folders give you a file on each cow, to record heat and breeding dates, calving records, health/immunization records. Sold in sets of 25 right, center and left tabs (75 total folders).