Successful Feeding Systems for Dairy

Book Title: 
Successful Feeding Systems for Dairy

by Mike Hutjens
Focus is all types of feeding systems, their practicality for different herd sizes and economics, from grain feeding to TMRs; also feed storage, feed bunk management. 56 pages

Chapter 1 Feeding systems and cow factors; Optimizing rumen fermentation; Managing dry matter intake; Feed selection.

Chapter 2 Component grain feeding systems

Parlor concentrate feeding system; Concentrate with forage system; Magnetic or free choice concentrate feeder; Pasture-based feeding systems.

Chapter 3 Electronic computer controlled feeders

Management of ECCF; Economics of ECCF.

Chapter 4 Total Mixed Rations

Advantages; Disadvantages.

Chapter 5 TMR feeding systems and equipment

Types of mixers; Scales; Conveying equipment.

Chapter 6 Feed storage

Types of feed storage – concentrates; Storing silage; Storage costs; Herd size factors; Forage quality; Feed delivery system.

Chapter 7 Feed bunk management with TMR

When is a feed bunk empty? How much weighback? Has sorting occurred? How often should TMR be fed? Feed bunk surface; How uniform should the TMR be? Use of marker or tracer feeds; Do lock-ups limit dry matter intake? Use of a feed logbook; Bunk scoring; How much feed bunk space? Mycotoxins; Mixer limits.

Chapter 8 TMRs for growing heifers

Heifer rations; Bunk design and water availability.

Chapter 9 Pasture based feeding systems

Dry matter intake; Supplemental energy; Supplemental protein; Mineral needs.

Chapter 10 Water as part of the ration

Water location; Water must be clean; Managing water.

Chapter 11 Building rations

Calculating nutrient requirements; Selecting available feeds; Balancing rations.


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