Menos Mastitis, Mejor Leche/Less Mastitis, Better Milk

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Menos Mastitis, Mejor Leche/Less Mastitis, Better Milk

SPANISH EDITION by Pierre Lévesque. This important new book includes all aspects of the disease, including causes, prevention and treatments. Main points are highlighted with outstanding illustrations, and both basic and advanced information make it a must-read for Spanish-speaking milkers as well as managers: how to understand, investigate and solve your farm's mastitis problems. Translation by Dr. Abelardo Martínez, editor of Hoard's Dairyman en español. 96 pages.

"I am confident that any reader, whether a dairy farmer or other professional, will find this book a valuable resource." Dr. Andrew Johnson
Complete Foreword by Dr. Andy Johnson

Part One - Understand Mastitis
Chapter 1, The Intramammary Infection
Chapter 2, The Impact of Mastitis
Chapter 3, The Microorganisms Causing Mastitis
Chapter 4, The Cow's Natural Defenses

Part Two - Investigate the Situation
Chapter 5, Measure the Importance of Mastitis in Your Herd
Chapter 6, Find the Risk Factors
Chapter 7, Detect and Monitor Mastitis
Chapter 8, Analyze Your Individual Somatic Cell Counts

Part Three - Prevent Mastitis
Chapter 9, Biosecurity to Prevent Contagious Mastitis
Chapter 10, Environmental Conditions
Chapter 11, Proper Milking Management and Equipment
Chapter 12, From Drying Off to Calving
Chapter 13, Mastitis Therapy
Chapter 14, Antibiotic Residue Prevention
Chapter 15, Solving a Mastitis Problem

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