Milk production up big, again!

Hoard's Dairyman: 

Milk production up big, again!

Thu, 10/21/2010

The trend continues. More and more milk. September was the seventh month in a row that U.S. milk production has been above year-earlier levels. September's growth in milk production across the nation was up 3.3 percent compared to last September. This change came as a result of a solid 3.3-percent jump in milk per cow. Cow numbers changed little from a year ago. There were 9.116 million cows this September, just 4,000 fewer than a year ago.

Milk output in the top 23 milk-producing states was up 3.6 percent in September compared to a year ago.

California is coming back strong with 7.3-percent gain in milk output in September. California's jump in milk output per cow was a notable 8.6 percent. Cow numbers in the Golden State were down 22,000 head or 1.2 percent from a year ago.

Wisconsin milk production edged up 0.5 percent during September. Milk per cow was unchanged from a year ago, but there were 6,000 more cows in Wisconsin this September.
New York was up 3.6 percent in milk production. Milk per cow there was up an impressive 4.6 percent over a year ago. New York cow numbers dropped 6,000 head.

Idaho was up 8 percent in milk and produced 55 million pounds more than New York. It's looking like Idaho will become the Number 3 dairy state during 2010. Through September, Idaho has produced 9.561 billion pounds of milk, and New York has produced 9.564 billion pounds. Remember that Idaho was up 8 percent in milk last month and New York was up 3.5 percent.

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