Join our webinar next Monday

Hoard's Dairyman: 

Join our webinar next Monday

Thu, 02/10/2011

Next Monday, February 14, (Valentine’s Day) at noon Central time, we will hold our second webinar titled, “What lower cell count limits could mean to you.” The presenter will be Pam Ruegg at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Ruegg is a colorful presenter who has a knack of getting right to the meat of issues. Her presentation will discuss the European Union and U.S. regulatory environment, as well as practical strategies for reducing cell counts in herds of all types. There should be useful information for dairy producers, those who advise them, and others who just want to stay current with one of the front-burner issues of the day.

Dr. Ruegg has a varied background in extension work, research, international travel, industry experience, and as a veterinary practitioner. She has just finished a year as president of the National Mastitis Council. Monday’s webinar will be brought to you through support from Merial and their “” milk quality program.

Hoard’s Dairyman webinars are held the second Monday of each month at noon Central time, and they are free. They run for one hour with a 45-minute presentation followed by time for e-mail questions and discussion.

Host for each webinar in the series is Mike Hutjens with the University of Illinois. He presented our first webinar, “Living with today’s corn costs and milk prices.” He also will be the presenter for our April 11 webinar talking about fine-tuning of rations. The March 14 webinar will feature the University of Wisconsin’s Mark Stephenson talking about current issues in milk marketing and dairy policy.

Go to our website ( for more information about our free webinars. Click on Hoard’s Webinars in the upper righthand corner. You will find information on how to register for the webinars and how you can view archived webinars.

Hope to have you with us next Monday.