HD Notebook: Youth Development

Youth Development

Sharing information to benefit the next generation of agriculturists
including youth programs and activities

Homegrown Southern dairy judgers top collegiate contest (9/23/2016)
Put yourself in an editor’s shoes (9/7/2016)
Simplify your college hunt (8/26/2016)
When opportunity knocks (8/9/2016)
The internship ends, but the story continues (8/8/2016)
Sharing the Guernsey experience (8/5/2016)
Making their start as young dairy farmers (8/3/2016)
What's wrong with our country? (8/02/2016)
Losing a heifer, losing a friend (7/20/2016)
Four reasons why show whites need to go (7/19/2016)
Branching out with youth programs (7/6/16)
Inexpensive summer fun for dairy kids (7/5/2016)
Taking the class to the farm (6/3/2016)
Showmanship: A dance between animal and leadsman (6/1/2016)
Summer internships: A rewarding and educational experience (5/18/2016)
Fueling up with chocolate milk (5/12/2016)
FFA Judging: Building on past experience (5/06/2016)
How did my education prepare me for my career as a dairy farmer? (4/21/2016)
Bridging the consumer gap starts in preschool (4/19/2016)
Behind the music (4/13/2016)
How do all those Cow Judging Contest entries get tabulated? (4/1/2016)
Farming offers a competitive edge to scholarship applicants (3/17/2016)
Stepping out of the classroom (3/3/2016)
FFA develops leaders – some more famous than others (2/26/2016)
The Oklahoma State Cowboys are gearing up for a change (2/18/2016)
Farm kids are raised to be resilient (12/7/2015)
Minnesota and Ohio State ATI complete trifecta (11/9/2015)
New York wins back-to-back 4-H Quiz Bowls (11/9/2015)
National-winning dairy bowl coach shares insight (10/28/2015)
Curing respiratory disease in calves and kids (8/18/2015)
Play by the rules (5/28/2015)
Keeping legacies alive and strong (4/20/2015)
My piece of the Empire State (4/16/2015)
Build a bridge to your consumers (4/14/2015)
Nature and nurture (3/26/2015)
Students are eating more of their (healthy) lunch (3/17/2015)
Ag degrees pay dividends (3/5/2015)
What's your dairy IQ? (12/11/2014)
All I want for Christmas is . . . (12/3/2014)
Beyond the cattle and cowboy boots (12/2/2014)
New York 4-H sweeps National 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl (11/12/2014)
More than 50 teams compete at NAILE (11/11/2014)
Just a calf (11/10/2014)
Kentucky takes blue in grand fashion (11/3/2014)
No child immune to low levels of vitamin D (10/28/2014)
Not just for farm kids (9/23/2014)
Calling all undergraduate journalists! (9/18/2014)
Premier National Junior Events – showcasing talents (9/17/2014)
We can't all be winners (8/28/2014)
Chocolate milk and athletes are a great combination (8/27/2014)
Sending Dorothy back to Kansas (8/21/2014)
Expo buildings right on schedule (8/19/2014)
Georgia is committed to youth development (7/24/2014)
Are you your farm's problem? (7/14/2014)
It's fair time (7/11/2014)
The changing face of dairy youth (7/09/2014)
Internships bring value to Distinguished Junior Members (7/02/2014)
Jersey producers honor unknown fallen soldiers (7/1/2014)
It’s a week for competitions, but more significantly, memories (6/25/2014)
Farms can be dangerous during summer (5/28/2014)
"Dairy Land" is child's play . . . and adults' too (5/16/2014)
Happy 100th birthday, Cooperative Extension! (5/6/2014)
Learning Linear: More than choosing great dairy cows (2/24/2014)
Animals often bring comfort and joy (2/19/2014)
Learning linear gets a second wind (1/9/2014)
Dairy showmanship: Some things do change (01/08/2014)
Students and farmers alike are excited about Fuel Up to Play 60 (12/10/2013)
Learn to express yourself and share your experiences (12/4/2013)
Thanks for the dairy opportunities (11/26/2013)
Midwest dairy judging teams shine at NAILE (11/12/2013)
National FFA Convention begins today (10/30/2013)
So God made a 4-H member (10/09/2013)
Feeding the world will need to start with feeding the mind (9/26/2013)
Hands-on learning contest celebrates 27 years at the All-American Dairy Show (9/11/2013)
What can you realistically expect for a salary? (8/29/2013)
Dairy bowl study options from a first year member (08/28/2013)
U.S. Junior Holstein members strive for maximum success (7/16/2013)
Junior Holstein members are shining bright (7/10/2013)
Interns are vital to our editorial team (6/19/2013)
Hoard’s Dairyman Farm intern enjoys hands-on learning (5/23/2013)
Ten showmanship tips for success (5/14/2013)
Young consumers connect food dots (5/01/2013)
Sometimes, what is on the outside does count (4/22/2013)
A unique dairy competition exists in Australia. (4/17/2013)
Ag majors have little to fear (4/4/2013)
Trying to do more with less (2/06/2013)
Wisconsin State Fair to change entry protocol (1/30/2013)
What is the cost of success? (1/23/2013)
It's cow judging contest season (1/14/13)
Odds of living to 100 are rising fast (1/11/13)
Want more dairy knowledge? (1/10/13)
They're at it again (12/5/2012)
Who is teaching society about agriculture? (12/4/2012)
Dairy Bowl: More than a contest (11/27/2012)
Dairy youth apply their knowledge in written form (11/06/2012)
Only seven points separated the three winning teams (11/5/2012)
Death is inevitable; estate taxes are not (10/26/2012)
FFA gains momentum (10/23/2012)
It’s not too early to start thinking about next summer (9/10/2012)
No need to fear the cost of higher education (8/27/2012)
New dairy showmanship scorecard, but same great experience (7/31/2012)
Got a project? Here’s some help (7/19/2012)
Brown Swiss and Holstein conclude sale of remarqued Foster Mothers (7/12/2012)
“Do real stuff” urges Temple Grandin (7/11/2012)
Share a segment of the dairy industry that interests you (7/10/2012)
Junior Holstein members elect leadership (7/03/2012)
A dairy thank you goes a long way (6/26/2012)
Investments for the future (6/20/2012)
Dairy charity offers resources for all ages (5/30/2012)
YDLI applications now available (6/05/2012)
When Dairy Judging is more than 1-2-3-4 (5/07/2012)
Farm tour creates ripples in Wisconsin county (5/03/2012)
Farms continue to be dangerous places for children and adults (5/01/2012)
Department of Labor retreats on youth labor regulations (4/30/2012)
Counting Kids to Maintain Farm Safety (4/24/2012)
Agriculture majors ARE worth it! (4/18/2012)
Farm injuries to children cost $1.423 billion annually (4/17/2012)
The 11th annual Dairy Challenge comes to a close (4/03/2012)
10 Ways to Score on Scholarships (11/30/2011)
Dairy Producers: Make your concern known (11/25/2011)
It was a talking contest (11/07/11)
Wisconsin wins North American 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl (11/07/11)
Symposium debate to address school lunch programs (11/03/11)
Stop U.S. Labor Department from laying off our kids (10/24/2011)
Prepare for next October’s Farm to School Month (10/17/2011)
Forget about “Glee,” high-schoolers are wild for FFA (10/14/2011)
Internships open the doors to future careers (9/27/11)
“Useless majors” aren’t so useless (9/07/2011)
Start thinking about next summer's internships (8/27/2011)
Head out to the fair (7/30/2011)
Sharing Time and Talent to Teach (7/19/2011)
Old School Fitting and Showing (7/12/2011)
FFA kicks off its annual Washington Leadership Conference (6/20/2011)
Health is definitely a key “H” in 4-H (4/19/2011)
The ABCs for College: Activities, Business internships, connections (4/18/2011)
The brightest blue and gold (2/21/2011)
History guides us (12/28/2010)
National 4-H dairy bowl winners from Ohio (11/09/2010)
Minnesota wins college and 4-H contests at North American (11/08/2010)
Homegrown- home team memories (11/02/2010)
National FFA winners announced (11/02/2010)
It's taking less time to earn a college diploma (10/25/2010)
National 4-H week: A time to celebrate our roots (10/05/2010)
Money grows on trees? (9/21/2010)
Give a kid a calf (09/13/2010)
Purple ribbon cows, purple ribbon kids (08/30/2010)
A starving grad student's BLT shock (07/30/2010)
Dairy management & necropsys among science at Badger Dairy Camp (06/14/2010)
Working off the farm, to back on the farm (05/11/2010)
Back to the farm (05/03/2010)
We believe in the future of agriculture - Happy National FFA Week (02/23/2010)
Priceless (01/06/2010)

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