HD Notebook: News and Events

News and Events

Highlighting notable news and industry events

Posters celebrate 50th World Dairy Expo (9/26/2016)
Homegrown Southern dairy judgers top collegiate contest (9/23/2016)
Getting milk to those who need it most (9/06/2016)
Looking for a shot in the arm? (7/22/2016)
Showmanship: A dance between animal and leadsman (6/1/2016)
Five reasons to attend a dairy breakfast this June (5/19/2016)
Fueling up with chocolate milk (5/12/2016)
Temple Grandin airs her experience (5/10/2016)
Did Temple Grandin just say that? (4/26/2016)
Celebrate and say thanks (4/25/2016)
The flawed fat philosophy (4/20/2016)
Behind the music (4/13/2016)
Farming offers a competitive edge to scholarship applicants (3/17/2016)
Stepping out of the classroom (3/3/2016)
The Oklahoma State Cowboys are gearing up for a change (2/18/2016)
Trade show attendee tips (2/5/2016)
“Adventures in Real Food” float wins Rose Parade award (1/6/2016)
Cheese is falling from the sky (1/4/2016)
Bad EPA, bad! (12/18/2015)
Nigeria’s big milk goal looks impossible (12/11/2015)
Dairy outlook for 2016 is “bah humbug” (12/4/2015)
The world’s foremost genetics exporter passes (12/2/2015)
More processing capacity coming to New Mexico (11/13/2015)
The slow demise of grocery stores (11/6/2015)
The end of tail docking is getting closer (10/30/2015)
Arizona dairy worker kills four cows (10/23/2015)
Winners and losers in a California FMMO (10/16/15)
Curing respiratory disease in calves and kids (8/18/2015)
California FMMO hearing starts September 22 (8/7/2015)
Temporary price hike in California (7/27/2015)
Uploaded is an up-and-comer (6/24/2015)
California producer group hires new CEO (6/19/2015)
Play by the rules (5/28/2015)
Farmers celebrate Earth Day every day (4/30/2015)
Keeping legacies alive and strong (4/20/2015)
Build a bridge to your consumers (4/14/2015)
The dawn of a new dairy exports era (4/3/2015)
California drought looks worse than ever (3/27/2015)
Ag Day is today . . . and every day! (3/18/2015)
Students are eating more of their (healthy) lunch (3/17/2015)
Reno wrap-up: did you attend? (3/13/2015)
Tips from genomics gurus (3/6/2015)
Dairy decline in 2014 was smallest ever (2/27/2015)
Robotic rotary parlor debuts at Tulare (2/13/2015)
In California, the drought seems endless (2/06/2015)
Beyond the cattle and cowboy boots (12/2/2014)
More than 50 teams compete at NAILE (11/11/2014)
No child immune to low levels of vitamin D (10/28/2014)
Mondays really aren’t meatless (10/21/2014)
My favorite thing at World Dairy Expo (10/10/2014)
Milk prices already falling in Europe (9/26/2014)
Not just for farm kids (9/23/2014)
Coincidence or choreography? (9/19/2014)
Premier National Junior Events – showcasing talents (9/17/2014)
Feed price outlook for rest of decade: Low (9/12/2014)
U.S. exports are becoming a monster (9/5/14)
Idaho dairying in another uproar (8/29/14)
Texas cheese plant is growing again (8/22/2014)
Expo buildings right on schedule (8/19/2014)
Is extra margin protection worth it?(8/15/2014)
Shopping for grains is fun again (8/1/2014)
Georgia is committed to youth development (7/24/2014)
Dairy Shrine goes high-tech (7/17/2014)
Jersey producers honor unknown fallen soldiers (7/1/2014)
Plants may be student’s only lunch option (6/19/2014)
At last! Dairies were profitable in 2013 (6/6/2014)
How will you participate in June Dairy Month? (6/2/2014)
A scathing indictment about organic food marketing (5/30/2014)
Lies, bribes, racketeering and a $15.75 million penalty (5/23/2014)
Download your way to a healthier future (5/22/2014)
May is Beef Month (5/21/2014)
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