HD Notebook: Dairy Policy

Dairy Policy

Whether it is legislative, regulative or judicial, you will find it here.

Legislation and farm bill
Winners and losers in a California FMMO (10/16/15)
Is extra margin protection worth it?(8/15/2014)
That's none of their business (3/21/2014)
Updates to Dairy Policy E-Source on hoards.com (3/5/2014)
Support shown for temporary extension of MILC program (10/31/2013)
In a surprising turn, the farm bill does not pass the House (6/21/2013)
The farm bill passed through the Senate last night (6/11/2013)
California holds yet another milk price hearing (5/24/2013)
How would the Dairy Security Act impact your dairy? (4/9/2013)
Proposed bill could change milk pricing in California (3/26/2013)
March 1 federal budget cuts hit dairy, too (3/4/2013)
Now’s the time to select your MILC start month (2/14/2013)
Milk production and dairy farms continue to consolidate (2/4/2013)
Dairy product standards are outdated (1/29/2013)
Farm Bill: The process will start over in 2013 (1/2/2013)
Farm Bill: Congress is now keeping farmer's hours to avert the dairy cliff (12/31/2012)
Counting the days until a farm bill (12/19/2012)
California co-ops renew plea for milk price help (12/6/2012)
Dairy farmers have a new friend in Congress (11/14/2012)
Senate looks the same after historic election (11/7/2012)
Farm bill likely to pass during lame duck session (10/30/2012)
$39 milk in January? (10/12/2012)
Would a federal order pay higher milk prices? (9/28/2012)
Farm bill shelved until November (9/24/2012)
D.C. staff sees light at end of 2012 Farm Bill tunnel (5/02/2012)
NMC takes 51 in stride (1/24/2012)
A 400,000 SCC milk limit after all (12/16/2011)
NMPF approves a revised approach to dairy policy reforms (9/22/11)
Stumping for support (7/15/2011)
Who writes the Farm Bill? (7/06/2011)
Where do I find more information about the Farm Bill? (6/29/2011)
Join the dairy policy debate (6/27/2011)
More fuel for the anti-ethanol fire (5/20/2011)
What could the 2012 Farm Bill look like? (5/16/2011)
Lobbying for dairy: Is there a wrong way? (5/02/2011)
A different opinion on dairy policy reform (4/13/2011)
California producers debate foundation for the future (4/08/2011)
Milk stabilization poll (3/09/2011)
Two studies find milk stabilization benefits dairy producers (3/07/2011)
Lots of dairy news lately (1/20/2011)
Senate votes to extend ethanol tax credit (12/16/2010)
CARE bill could hinder our youth leasing programs (6/23/2010)
NMPF board approves proposal for dairy policy change (6/10/2010)
Midwest policy positions vary widely (4/15/2010)

The Federal Department of Absurd (4/11/2014)
First in milk production, last in air quality (5/31/2013)
An SCC drop remains elusive (4/25/2013)
Dairy product standards are outdated (1/29/2013)
New York plans to ease dairy regulations (8/16/2012)
“EPA will destroy this country” (3/30/2012)
Whew! That was a close one (7/01/2011)
Brands could soon to be out as ID choice for ranchers (5/24/2011)
Government accountability in 2011 (3/23/2011)
USDA announces new initiative to improve ag energy efficiency (4/26/2010)

Supreme Court strikes down, in part, Arizona immigration law (6/28/2012)
Minnesota court rules in favor of dairies in stray voltage case (2/16/2011)
Dean Foods will pay $30 million after Northeast price-fixing lawsuit (12/30/2010)
Cooperatives not a Department of Justice target (6/28/2010)
Supreme Court overturn alfalfa seed ruling (6/21/2010)

What the 2011 budget compromise means to ag (4/14/2011)
Budget battle lines being drawn (4/07/2011)

Cooperatives Working Together (CWT)
CWT program nears sign up goal; seven new members join (1/06/2011)
Reading the latest CWT tea leaves (7/19/2010)
CWT accepts 194 herd retirement bids (7/08/2010)
Beef market helps stretch CWT retirement #10 budget (6/04/2010)
CWT announces tenth herd retirement (5/27/2010)

Food Safety
Idaho and Oregon will slash their SCC limit on July 1 (4/23/2012)
FDA scrutinizing extralabel and feed drug use (4/06/2012)
Bill introduced to improve food safety (9/15/2011)
Obama signs food safety bill, with exemption (1/05/2011)
Tougher organic milk and meat rules (2/26/2010)

California raises minimum wage to $10 per hour (9/27/2013)
The political climate might be ready for immigration reform (1/16/13)
Fence is priority one for border ranchers (8/08/2012)
Dairy Producers: Make your concern known (11/25/2011)
Stop U.S. Labor Department from laying off our kids 10/24/2011
Proposed child labor revisions impact family partnerships, too (9/29/11)
We cannot ignore immigration reform (6/18/2011)
Few changes in state minimum wages (1/07/2011)
California extends heat safety rules to ag workers (8/27/2010)
Ag overtime bill vetoed in California (8/16/2010)
California bill targets faster overtime for ag workers (6/18/2010)
Arizona immigration law: no effect on dairies so far (4/30/2010)

Other Policy
MPP-Dairy winners and losers so far (11/20/2015)
California FMMO hearing starts September 22 (8/7/2015)
Let's imagine a worst case MPP scenario (10/24/2014)
Idaho farm video spying bill goes to governor 2/28/2014)
California will fine rustlers, not hang them (10/11/2013)
California raises minimum wage to $10 per hour (9/27/2013)
Political opposition to ethanol ignites in California (9/20/2013)
Dairy farmers are apparently nobodies (9/6/2013)
California dairies get a few more price crumbs (6/28/2013)
California takes another step toward federal milk order (5/17/2013)
Rattling a milk can of worms: Classified pricing (5/10/2013)
Readjusted portfolio gives AMPI Co-op renewed focus (3/27/2013)
Golden Guernsey plant closed unexpectedly (1/7/13)
Three Midwest co-ops could merge by year's end (11/2/2012)
Dairy financial situation is critical in California (8/10/2012)
The best minds aren’t sticking with research (8/02/2012)
Living and dying by grants (7/25/2012)
Uh-oh, they’re back (7/13/2012)
Genetic groups begin to share public comments, but more still needed. (2/13/2012)
Donors beginning to turn against HSUS (2/24/2012)
USDA Chief Scientist Woteki attends ADSA/ASAS JAM (7/13/2011)
Winners and Losers (2/26/2011)
Lots of dairy news lately (1/20/2011)
Dairyland Initiative partners farmers, construction and bankers (12/22/2010)
Election will bring new faces to the table (12/16/2010)
Kentucky cattle industry considers filing for disaster relief (6/15/2010)

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