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Only 1,805 fewer dairy farms last year

Tue, 02/22/2011

Dairy producers proved they are a resilient lot. Despite tough economic
conditions during the past two years, most producers kept milking cows as
only 1,805 licensed dairy farms called it quits last year. Not only did this
represent the smallest drop in permitted dairy farms since tracking began in
1992, last year also marked the smallest percentage drop at 3.3 percent. The Read more

The Brightest Blue and Gold

Mon, 02/21/2011

It is National FFA Week! It always begins on the Saturday preceding George Washington's birthday and runs through the following Saturday. National FFA week started in 1947. This year, it is celebrated February 19 to 26, 2011. Read more

A big manure check

Sat, 02/19/2011

Imagine a world where the manure check equals the milk check. No one is saying it is possible, but there is hope on the horizon for profiting from the waste end of the cow, and some are doing it already. Read more

A candid look at U.S. farms: Most are a hobby

Fri, 02/18/2011

TV newscasts and city newspaper articles dote on the idyllic image of small farms while deriding commercial agriculture, all the while blissfully ignorant about which group actually feeds America. But numbers don’t lie: Without big farms most consumers would starve. Read more

Both milk production and milk prices expected to be higher

Thu, 02/17/2011

Milk prices will be higher this year, according to USDA’s Livestock, Dairy, and Poultry Outlook which was released Tuesday. The Class IV price is expected to average $16.70 to $17.50 per hundredweight for 2011. The Class III price is expected to be below the Class IV price this year and to average $15.80 to $16.50. Read more

Minnesota court rules in favor of dairies in stray voltage case

Wed, 02/16/2011

The Minnesota Supreme Court recently ruled on the side of two Southeast Minnesota dairy farms who sued Northern States Power County, a division of Xcel Energy, over allegations that stray voltage killed their cows. The original lawsuit asks for $5 million in damages. Read more

It's time to save extension programing

Tue, 02/15/2011

We understand that in our roles at a magazine, the good news and the bad news is going to come our way. Unfortunately, it seems that in recent years the people who bring us much of the good news are facing some bad news. Read more

Millionaires in the Cornfields a must read

Mon, 02/14/2011

Before World Dairy Expo, there was Waterloo . . . as in the National Dairy Cattle Congress in Waterloo, Iowa, which opened in 1910. Read more

Optimism returns to World Ag Expo

Fri, 02/11/2011

Bad memories weren't forgotten, but the passage of another year made for a noticeably more upbeat atmosphere Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week at World Ag Expo in Tulare, Calif. Read more

Top 10 new products at World Ag Expo

Thu, 02/10/2011

1. Yuma Rugged Tablet Computer
This handy hand-held tablet computer is farming-friendly. Its thick case prevents breakage from drops or falls. We loved that it is waterproof (and manureproof) and protects your tablet in extreme temperatures...even in 20 below!

2. Trimble Connected Farm Read more

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