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Hoard's visits with DMI board member Steve Maddox

Tue, 03/30/2010

We recently sat down with Steve Maddox of Riverdale, Calif., to visit with him about some of the current initiatives of your checkoff dollars. Maddox currently serves on the national DMI (Dairy Management, Incorporated — the umbrella organization of the checkoff) board. Read more

World Dairy Expo Announces 2010 Honorees

Mon, 03/29/2010

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How to lose the argument on animal welfare

Fri, 03/26/2010

All of us who make our living with livestock are strongly biased on the subject of animal welfare. Unfortunately, it’s a bias that can be our own worst enemy when we debate the topic with someone we disagree with. Read more

Price prospects, policy dilemmas cloud DFA meeting

Thu, 03/25/2010

Co-op business sort of took a backseat to current concerns when about 1,200 people gathered for Dairy Farmers of America annual meeting this week in Kansas City. In short, the co-op had net savings (earnings) of $65.6 million in 2009, and all business units of the co-op were profitable. (See our April 25, 2010, issue for more on DFA activity and the annual meeting. Read more

Our future in yogurt

Wed, 03/24/2010

Consumer demand for dairy products slid last year — commercial disappearance was down 1.2 percent. While this may be disappointing to hear, there is one product category that is making plans for serious growth in the U.S. market: yogurt. Read more

Challenge daughters lead Hoard Farm 2-year-olds

Tue, 02/23/2010

On Monday, March 15, American Guernsey Association executive secretary, Seth Johnson, was at the Hoard's Dairyman Farm to appraise the Hoard Guernsey herd. Scoring began at 6 a.m. and continued during the ensuing day, Johnson evaluated 64 2-year-olds that received their first-ever score. The 64 first-score cows averaged 79.03 for final score, 80.56 on udders, and 80.17 on feet and legs. Read more

More milk . . . despite everything

Mon, 03/22/2010

Maybe we shouldn't have been too surprised with the February Milk Production report released last Thursday. After all, milk production in January had been down just 0.5 percent compared to a year earlier. Plus, the 23 top dairy states actually had 4,000 MORE cows in January than in December. Read more

Can we stop E. coli inside cows?

Fri, 03/19/2010

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Baseline projections for dairy appear bullish

Thu, 03/18/2010

Milk prices will move higher in the years ahead, according to a report to Congress given by FAPRI (the Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute at the University of Missouri). FAPRI makes projections based on current policies and doesn't try to anticipate federal dairy and ag policy changes and directions. Read more

High-tech neighbors in the north

Wed, 03/17/2010

A couple weeks ago we had the pleasure of visiting some impressive Ontario dairies during the First North American Conference on Precision Dairy Management. Our first stop of the day was to Summitholme Holsteins in Lynden, Ontario. The farm is owned by brothers Carl and Dave Loewith, and Carl’s son, Ben Loewith. Read more

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