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Sire joins the Millionaire club

Tue, 02/28/2012

Genetic and genomic giant, Picston Shottle, has added one more credential to his long list of accomplishments.

U.S. dairy farm numbers drop by 1,621 — now total 51,481

Mon, 02/27/2012

That’s the smallest drop, both percentage and actual, since 1992.

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Donors beginning to turn against HSUS

Fri, 02/24/2012

Federal Trade Commission is getting an earful from people who feel deceived and mislead.

”HSUSSlowly but surely, word is sinking in with consumers about a different and much less noble image of Humane Society of the United States. Read more

South Dakota is open to the dairy industry

Thu, 02/23/2012

With few of its citizens more than one generation removed from the farm, South Dakota has an affinity for agriculture and is ready for dairy industry growth.

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World trends to watch through 2050

Wed, 02/22/2012

Johanna Nesseth Tuttle

We hear time and again that we’ll need to feed 9 billion people in 2050. But what else will change in the next 38 years?

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Steady milk production growth continued in 2011

Tue, 02/21/2012

milk production

For back-to-back years, U.S. milk output rose by a remarkably uniform 1.8 percent.

Echoes of ‘09 at World Ag Expo 2012

Mon, 02/20/2012

Economic reverberations took a toll on big outdoor equipment displays.

Mud, sun, warmth, cold, crowds, and fun were all part of the familiar mix at World Ag Expo last week in Tulare, Calif. But it’s what was not there that was the show’s biggest dairy story. Read more

Ag Warrior Program Officially Launched

Thu, 02/16/2012

Unique program synergizes veterans, education, and agriculture.

Social media overload

Wed, 02/15/2012

Still learning Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn? Pinterest has come to take its own space on the web.

Facebook and Twitter have virtually taken over the world as text-based ways to communicate with the world. LinkedIn is like Facebook for professionals. Google+ (Google “plus”) has worked to make sharing pictures, video, and other media easy, but the crowd hasn’t followed.

Then, Pinterest appeared. We realize you may be asking, “I need to learn something else?” No, you’re not required to do anything. But for those who want to interact with others online, Pinterest is a new social media outlet that might be worth your time. It creates a virtual bulletin board, connecting people with images they enjoy.

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Hoard’s Dairyman Farm Jerseys excel in 2011

Tue, 02/14/2012

Nationally, the breed set new production averages.

Based on a record of 91,028 lactations, the Jersey breed set new category records for pounds of milk, fat, and protein. In 2011, the breed averaged 18,633 pounds of milk, 889 pounds of fat, and 676 pounds of protein. Average yield on a Cheddar cheese equivalent basis was record-setting, as well, at 2,294 pounds. Read more

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