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Hoard’s Guernseys continue to excel

Wed, 08/17/2016

The Hoard’s Dairyman Farm earned national recognition from the American Guernsey Association.

Hoard's Dairyman Farm Guernsey herd

By Abby Bauer, Hoard’s Dairyman Associate Editor

The Guernseys on the Hoard’s Dairyman Farm have proven once again that they can compete with the best Guernsey herds in the nation.

Each year, the American Guernsey Association recognizes the top 100 cows in the breed in terms of combined fat and protein production. The Hoard’s Dairyman Farm, located just north of Fort Atkinson, Wis., was home to more of these Component Queens of the Breed in 2015 than any other farm, tallying 23 in the top 100. Read more

Sharing the Guernsey experience

Fri, 08/05/2016

Local 4-H youth exhibit Hoard’s Dairyman Guernsey cattle.

Jefferson County Fair

By Patti Hurtgen, Hoard’s Dairyman Online Media Manager

As the number of dairy farms continues to consolidate, the enthusiasm of some young people who want to learn more about dairying does not. The Hoard’s Dairyman Farm has provided one such opportunity for local 4-H youth to participate hands-on with a dairy project.

The chance to show the Hoard’s Dairyman Guernseys started when Jason Yurs, Hoard’s Dairyman Farm manager, and his wife, Jennifer, wanted to expose their two children Victoria and Dawson, to showing. By doing so, they hoped to demonstrate the commitment needed to care for animals. While it started small, this year six Barnyard Clovers 4-H members exhibited Hoard’s Dairyman Farm Guernseys at the Jefferson County Fair. Read more

The reproductive program at Hoard’s Dairyman Farm is top-notch

Wed, 09/23/2015

Aggressive management yields impressive statistics

By Patti Hurtgen, Hoard’s Dairyman Online Media Manager

Hoard's Dairyman FarmThe Hoard’s Dairyman Farm has been in existence since 1899. Numerous advancements have been made in technology and management since those early days. The changes in the farm can be seen in the photos that line the walls of the farm office.

On occasion, we receive requests to tour the farm, primarily from readers who have the enjoyed the publication over the years and want to see the iconic dairy once owned by Wisconsin’s 16th governor, W.D. Hoard. Read more

Judging teams visit Hoard’s Dairyman Farm

Sun, 09/28/2014

Nearly 300 individuals converge on Fort Atkinson for judging practice

By Patti Hurtgen, Hoard’s Dairyman Online Media Manager

Nearly 300 attended the judging workout at the Hoard’s Dairyman Farm on Sunday morning. Hoard’s Dairyman magazine and farm staff prepared three classes of cows for the judges to evaluate. Teams representing 4-H, post-secondary (2-year technical colleges) and university teams and coaches took the opportunity to get in some last-minute practice before the national contest tomorrow at World Dairy Expo. Read more

Hoard's Dairyman Farm wins AGA's Commercial Herd Award

Wed, 07/16/2014

The Commercial Herd Award recognizes the top herd in the nation for Energy Corrected Milk. The herd must complete over 50 lactations during the year. Hoard’s Dairyman Farm completed 147 records in 2013 for an average of 21,619M 4.6% 995F 3.4% 737P for an energy corrected total of 25,593M.

Hoard’s Dairyman Farm is owned by the Knox Family and the dairy herd manager is Jason Yurs, the 2008 recipient of the National Outstanding Young Guernsey Farmer award. For many years, Hoard’s Dairyman Farm has been a huge asset to the Guernsey breed through their promotion of the breed and exposure that the Guernseys receive through various tours, seminars and other events hosted by the farm. Also a huge plus is the exposure the breed receives through the Hoard’s Dairyman magazine in homes throughout the world.

Commercial Herd Award recipient
Read more

It’s fair time

Fri, 07/11/2014

The Hoard’s Dairyman Farm provides Guernseys to local 4-H members who show at the Jefferson County Fair.

by Maggie Seiler, Hoard’s Dairyman Editorial Intern

At 7 a.m. on a typical June day, most young people are still in bed enjoying the start to their summer vacation. Members of the Barnyard Clovers 4-H club are not among the late risers. Almost every June morning at 7:00 a.m. on the Hoard’s Dairyman Farm, the club members are feeding, watering and cleaning up after their show heifers.

4-H members

The Barnyard Clovers club members enjoy the look of their freshly bedded show cattle. Club members from left to right include Nick Yunker, Dawson Yurs, Victoria Yurs, Hannah Beckman and Ava Kleman. Members not pictured include Kayla Beckman, Ryan Messler and Aaron Messler.
Read more

Hoard’s Farm home to nation’s top cheese producer

Mon, 06/30/2014

Efforts of the farm staff were recognized last weekend at the American Guernsey Association’s annual meeting.

Dairyman Iceman Rosebowl

by Maggie Seiler, Hoard's Dairyman Editorial Intern

Fort Atkinson’s historic Hoard’s Dairyman Farm was recognized by the American Guernsey Association for having 28 of the 100 top Guernseys nationally for milk and components production. The Association reviewed the farm’s 147 Guernsey lactation records in 2013 to make its ranking.

Of the 28 award-winning cows at the Hoard’s Dairyman Farm, Dairyman Iceman Rosebowl was recognized as the best of the best by being named the nation’s highest-producing Guernsey cow. The American Guernsey Association’s formal name for these elite cows is “Component Queen.” Read more

Breed’s newest Excellent-95 calls Hoard’s Dairyman Farm home

Thu, 06/26/2014

Bella Blue, a fifth-lactation Guernsey, is on pace to make back-to-back 34,000-plus-pound milk records. She is the first Guernsey to classify Excellent-95 since 2008.

Rolling Prairie Bella Blue

by Corey Geiger, Hoard's Dairyman Managing Editor Read more

We’re all tired of winter

Thu, 03/06/2014

With record lows and extended cold snaps, spring is nowhere in sight.

Hoard's Dairyman Farm

by Amanda Smith, Hoard’s Dairyman Associate Editor

Like many of you, the Hoard’s Dairyman Farm met its match this winter. Amidst frozen feed, frozen pipes and a few calves lost too soon, we’ve battled unpredicted and unforeseen cold.

And, as every member of our farm team can attest, they’re tired.

It’s taken a toll on our 400-plus-cow herd of Guernseys and Jerseys, as well. Production has been steady for most of the winter, averaging 67 to 69 pounds along with a 5.0 percent fat and 3.9 percent protein, but is starting to slowdown.

These high averages enabled the Hoard’s Dairyman herd to excel on national breed production lists this past year. For protein production, the Jersey component of the Fort Atkinson,Wis., based herd is eighth in the nation. Read more

Hoard’s Jerseys see the appraiser

Mon, 03/03/2014

With an average score of 81.5 points and production bumping the 20,000-pound mark, the Hoard’s Dairyman Farm Jerseys are performing well.

Jersey cows

by Corey Geiger, Hoard's Dairyman Managing Editor

The Hoard Farm team, headed up by Jason Yurs, continues to be pleased with the performance our Jersey herd. This group was evaluated by a pair of American Jersey Cattle Association appraisers on a very cold Thursday in late January.

On that day, the entire herd averaged 81.5 points on the 300-plus head. Had the 25 cows sold weeks earlier to a young dairyman been included in the mix, the average would have been 81.9 points. Read more

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