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7.30.2014 Winners selected in Be a Digi-Star Champion contest
7.30.2014 World Dairy Expo Pavilion Progress
7.30.2014 Win a free tractor ROPS at Farm Technology Days, Aug. 12-14
7.30.2014 Foremost Farms USA and Michigan Milk Producers Association Announce Strategic Alliance
7.30.2014 Standouts in Their Field: Three UW Dairy Science Faculty Receive Awards
7.30.2014 Entry Deadline for Forage Contest Nears
7.30.2014 Holstein Association USA Recognizes First-Ever Elite Performer Award Recipients
7.29.2014 Dairy Industry to Congress: Korea Trade Pact Beneficial, But Cheese Access Remains Restricted Due to Korea’s Agreement with the European Union
7.29.2014 Nearly 40 New Excellents During Recent Select Sires Classification
7.29.2014 Celebrating 50 Years 2014 National Red & White Convention Highlights
7.29.2014 CWT Assists with 3.9 Million Pounds of Cheese and Whole Milk Powder Export Sales
7.29.2014 Center Open House Events Draw More Than 330 Attendees
7.28.2014 Midwest Dairy to Provide New Experience at Sioux Empire Fair
7.28.2014 Zoetis Brings On-Farm Diagnostic Tests to Dairies in China
7.28.2014 Obituary for Richard E. Keene

7.25.2014 Family of UW Dairy Scientist Makes $775,000 Gift to Support The Student Teams He Used to Coach
7.25.2014 Langmaids named 2014 McKown Master Breeder
7.25.2014 Jessie Potterton Named Director of UW-Madison Farm and Industry Short Course
7.25.2014 Research Presented at ADSA-ASAS JAM Show Effects of OmniGen® & Animate® in Dairy Cattle
7.25.2014 Wisconsin FFA Foundation to partner with Wisconsin Auctioneers Assoc at Wisconsin State Fair
7.25.2014 Thirteen Candidates to Compete for 61st Iowa State Dairy Princess
7.25.2014 Jersey Association Says It's Time 2 Transfer
7.24.2014 Jentz joins Filament Marketing as media relations executive
7.24.2014 Sexing Technologies acquires Taurus-Service Inc.
7.23.2014 Farmers across the Midwest may be concerned about white mold in soybeans this year
7.23.2014 Dairy Cares Raises $126,000 for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
7.23.2014 4 considerations for choosing the best electrolyte
7.23.2014 Semex Releases Breed-Leading Supersire
7.23.2014 Shaver Receives Dairy Nutrition Research Award
7.23.2014 Most influential ABS sire of all time celebrates 15th birthday
7.23.2014 DuPont Pioneer Names Neal Gutterson to Lead Agricultural Biotechnology
7.23.2014 New Crop of Organic Leaders Presented with Horizon Organic 2014 Hope Scholarships
7.23.2014 Glanbia Scholarship Winners For the School Year 2014-2015
7.23.2014 University of Florida Grad Student Receives NMPF Dairy Research Award
7.22.2014 CWT Assists with 4.3 Million Pounds of Cheese and Whole Milk Powder Export Sales
7.22.2014 Annual Minnesota Nutrition Conference To Mark Its 75th Year
7.22.2014 Agropur acquires Davisco Foods International and doubles its processing business in the United States
7.22.2014 Can Your Operation Afford to Pay for Sick Days?
7.21.2014 Lely Names Bellana Putz Customer Sales Support Manager
7.21.2014 New ABS Global employees and representatives participate in week long orientation
7.21.2014 Diamond V Announces New Team Member
7.21.2014 Day Joins All-West Select Sires Team in California
7.21.2014 Spread the Word!
7.21.2014 2nd Annual Southeast Quality Milk Initiative Meeting
7.21.2014 Donald Edward Voelker
7.21.2014 Jersey popularity increases, as ABS Global sales top one million units
7.21.2014 Baker Named Manager at St. Jacobs Cows, LLC
7.21.2014 Dairy Situation and Outlook, July 20, 2014
7.21.2014 Change to Protecting Your Profits Call Planned for July 23
7.21.2014 Taurus stud classification
7.21.2014 PDMP Summer Summit At Yippee Farms Shows Multiple Ways to Improve Production

7.18.2014 DOING THE MATH: The Agricultural Act of 2014
7.18.2014 Midwest Dairy Association awards college scholarships
7.17.2014 December 1, 2014 Is Deadline To Apply For Fred Stout Experience Awards
7.17.2014 Kemin announces new hires
7.17.2014 DuPont Pioneer Launches Encirca℠ Yield to Enhance Input Management
7.17.2014 Cow Pie Bingo Raises $5,230 For Jersey Youth Academy
7.17.2014 New Generation Genetics Introduces “CHAMPIONS COLLECTION” Sires
7.17.2014 Centralia Student Serves as Midwest Dairy Illinois Intern
7.16.2014 Prizes Part of Expanding Trade Show at 2014 All-American Dairy Show
7.16.2014 National Jersey Leadership Named At Annual Meetings
7.16.2014 MSU Grazing School Coming to the W.K. Kellogg Biological Station
7.16.2014 WUD to host Margin Protection Program workshops in August
7.16.2014 Holstein Foundation Contests Encourage Youth Involvement
7.16.2014 Top McCutchen Son Joins Immunity+™ Lineup
7.16.2014 Step up warm weather calf management
7.16.2014 Silage Shrink Affects Feed Quality and Quantity
7.16.2014 Landmark Services Coop trains firefighters/emergency responders on grain bin safety and rescue
7.16.2014 Distinguished Service Winner from Wisconsin
7.16.2014 Master Breeder Winner from Wisconsin
7.16.2014 Introducing DCC Waterbeds ISO, ACT’s 3rd generation cow waterbed, and our most comfortable free-stall bedding solution yet
7.16.2014 National Guernsey Queen and Princess Crowned
7.16.2014 Phillipsburg MO farmer national winner
7.16.2014 National Outstanding Guernsey Youth
7.16.2014 American Guernsey Association Adult Awards Presented
7.15.2014 Zyrox® fly granular bait keeps flies grounded with new active ingredient
7.15.2014 ImmuCell Initiates Pivotal Effectiveness Study to Prevent Calf Scours Caused by Rotavirus
7.15.2014 USDA approves six VaxLiant adjuvants for cattle and swine vaccines
7.15.2014 Latest Research Unveiled During Expo Seminars
7.15.2014 Formal ceremony marks production of one million Bobcat loaders
7.15.2014 NMPF Endorses Draft U.S.-Canadian Plan for Regionalization of Trade If Countries are Confronted with Outbreak of Serious Animal Disease
7.15.2014 Amanda Rabehl Joins FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative
7.14.2014 Professional Dairy Producers Foundation awards grants for education projects in 2014
7.14.2014 National Farm Medicine Center announces 2014 summer student
7.14.2014 Stanley Named Marketing Coordinator at St. Jacobs ABC
7.14.2014 Genex ICC$ Sub-Indexes Target Five Management Areas

7.11.2014 Oelfke and Kortus Families Receive National Jersey Production Awards
7.11.2014 Horst named progeny promotions intern at ABS Global
7.11.2014 WMMB Board Elects Leaders for FY15
7.11.2014 IDFA Welcomes Senate Confirmation of Darci Vetter as New Ag Chief at USTR
7.11.2014 IDFA Names Two New Directors
7.10.2014 Ag Panel Examines USDA's Efforts Implementing Reforms in the Agricultural Act of 2014
7.10.2014 Advanced Animal Diagnostics hires Adrien Malick and Derek Moore
7.10.2014 Fonterra and Abbott to Form Strategic Alliance for Dairy Farming in China
7.10.2014 U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance® Launches Search for Country’s Best Ag Ambassadors
7.10.2014 Royal Reunion Planned for State Fair
7.10.2014 Merck Animal Health to Present at the 28th World Buiatrics Congress in Cairns, Australia
7.10.2014 Summer interns named at ABS Global
7.10.2014 Select Sires Inc. Introduces Summer Interns
7.10.2014 Case IH Produces 150,000th Magnum™ Tractor
7.10.2014 Magnolia Tropical Ice Cream Now Available at Fresh and Easy
7.10.2014 Polymer Extrusion Technology Announces Crystal Clear Teatcup Liner for Dairy Cows.
7.10.2014 Subcommittee Highlights the Benefits of Biotechnology
7.9.2014 Award-Winning Breeding to Feeding Program Now at Select Sires
7.9.2014 ImmuCell Commences Manufacture of Nisin Necessary for Approval of Mast Out®
7.9.2014 Next Generation AccuBreed Wireless Heat Detection System Features Improved Application Process
7.9.2014 Vermont Dairy Farmer, Mother & Blogger Discusses Biotechnology Benefits at House Hearing
7.9.2014 Premium List Available for 2014 All-American Dairy Show
7.9.2014 Local Dairy Left Out in the Cold
7.8.2014 What do I do with my yellow corn?
7.8.2014 CWT Assists with 16.9 Million Pounds of Cheese, Butter and Whole Milk Powder Export Sales
7.8.2014 Dairy PROS Breakfast to Showcase Animal Care, Stewardship Practices
7.8.2014 Papillon Agricultural Co. expands
7.8.2014 Artex Barn Solutions Celebrates 40 Years in Business
7.8.2014 Dairymaster’s Cow Technology MooMonitor Confirmed As Best Automated Heat Detection System
7.8.2014 National Restaurant Asso Announces California Milk Advisory Board as New Kids LiveWell Sponsor
7.7.2014 New Advances Make HoofMax® Footbath Additive
7.7.2014 NMPF Asks EPA to Withdraw Guidance that Could Hinder Water Conservation on Farms
7.7.2014 CRV sells 50% share of ST Brazil
7.7.2014 Preparing for Corn Silage Harvest
7.7.2014 Corn Rootworm Pest Management Best with Long-Term Approach
7.7.2014 ARS Scientists Help Improve Soil Carbon Calculations
7.7.2014 Manure storage challenges after historic rains
7.7.2014 Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding to hold Open Session on August 5

7.3.2014 Which Fatty Acids are Dietary Requirements and Where Can They Be Found?
7.3.2014 Dairy Cattle Entries Now Open for World Dairy Expo
7.3.2014 Milk Products hires Randal Morris as National Sales Specialist
7.3.2014 Genex Reports Record Beef Semen Sales to Dairy Herds
7.3.2014 Holstein Association USA Recognizes Junior Members Breeding Exceptional Cattle
7.3.2014 2015 Holstein Association USA Delegate Election Underway
7.3.2014 Holstein Youth Compete at 2014 National Junior Holstein Convention
7.3.2014 Verdesian Life Sciences Acquires SFP
7.3.2014 WINDHAMMER Raised to Excellent (97) during GenerVations Inc.’s Recent Classification
7.2.2014 Six Distinguished Junior Member Finalists Recognized at 2014 National Holstein Convention
7.2.2014 Exceptional Breeders and Distinguished Leadership Honored at 2014 National Holstein Convention
7.2.2014 National DHIA scholarship application available online
7.2.2014 Kopesky Joins ANIMART as Marketing Associate
7.2.2014 Holstein Association USA Board Convenes In Dubuque
7.2.2014 Green Book Online July 2014
7.1.2014 Last Call for Scholarship Applications
7.1.2014 New Patz Movable Plow-Off Belt Conveyors/Feeders
7.1.2014 CWT Assists with 8.9 Million Pounds of Cheese, Butter and Whole Milk Powder Export Sales
7.1.2014 Verdesian Life Sciences Acquires SFP
7.1.2014 Bio-Vet Adds Sales Representatives in Key Dairy Regions
7.1.2014 Respiratory protection videos on Agricultural Centers YouTube channel
7.1.2014 NMPF Statement on White House Announcement on Impasse over Immigration Reform
7.1.2014 National Dairy Shrine Announces 2014 Scholarship Winners
7.1.2014 NMPF Asks FDA to Exempt Dairies from More Regulation Under Food Safety Modernization Act
7.1.2014 Time Nitrogen Delivery to Key Plant Growth Stages

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