Pfizer: Step-by-step tips help ensire residue avoidance

Step-by-step tips to help ensure residue avoidance

Milk quality is of the utmost importance on a dairy. When mastitis management programs include treatment protocols, it is important for dairy producers to focus on strategies to avoid residues in milk and meat.

Jorge Noricumbo discusses necessary steps of a residue avoidance plan.
Work with your veterinarian to determine steps that can help limit your risk of residues:

• Establish written treatment protocols
• Consult your veterinarian for label indications
• Follow withdrawal times for milk and meat
• Identify and track treated cows
• Pay attention to record keeping

Looking for a place to start in developing a plan for residue avoidance? Get step-by-step tips at with videos featuring Jorge Noricumbo, quality milk manager, Pfizer Animal Health; Max Bollenbacher, dairy producer, Argos Holstein Farms; and Sally Harper, DVM, Veterinarian, Lancaster Veterinary Clinic.

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