Institute for Feed Education and Research (IFEEDER) luncheon thank you

Institute for Feed Education and Research (IFEEDER) luncheon thank you

The Institute for Feed Education and Research (IFEEDER) luncheon at the IFE/IPE in Atlanta January 25, 2012 was a great success raising $174,000. With that figure, IFEEDER is pleased to announce that donations/pledges and other income has exceeded $1,000,000! This is a tremendous feat for two years of fund-raising. However, our goal is still $1.25 million for this second year. For those that haven’t pledged, we would appreciate your considering making a pledge, especially a sustaining pledge for five years. We have attached a pledge card for your convenience. Both corporate and individual pledges are important. Over $100,000 of private, individual pledges/donations have been made to IFEEDER.

We updated the luncheon guests on our projects which can be reviewed on We hope you’ve had a chance to review our website.

If your organization has made a pledge to IFEEDER, we greatly appreciate that, and those at the luncheon heard from some donors why they chose to pledge. We hope that this will encourage other firms to make pledges. If your firm is considering a pledge and wants more information, please contact one of use to provide some background.

Tackling tough issues and problems for our industry takes resources, and IFEEDER stands ready to assist AFIA in doing that. But, it takes money to make this happen, and your foundation was created provide the long-term resources to “shape the future and feed the world.” Please help us by saying, “I believe in IFEEDER!”

We great appreciate your consideration and support!

Al Gunderson, Chair and Dean Warras, Vice Chair
IFEEDER Board of Trustees