Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding

Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding

Fee Schedule
The CDCB Fee Schedule for Genomic Evaluation Fees, updated December 17, 2013 is posted on the CDCB web site at The revised schedule contained some reduced fees that were effective on the January 2014 invoices.

GMACE Update
The Interbull April GMACE run will be an implementation (unofficial) run. Previous action was to not contribute US genomic evaluations for use in Interbull routine (official) runs.
The CDCB board decided to contribute US genomic evaluations to the February GMACE test run under the condition there be two comparison test runs, one containing the US data and one without the US data, in an effort to ensure that Interbull GMACE results are accurate regardless of whether a major country’s data (such as the U.S.) are included or excluded. If this is not possible, then the US does not agree for its data to be used for the test run.

Research Advisory Working Group The Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding established a broad based Research Advisory Working Group (RAWG). The primary objective of RAWG is to review research results and make recommendations to CDCB Board on research results being considered for incorporation into the genetic evaluation programs. RAWG will make recommendations to the CDCB Board on genetic and management research priorities and be an advocate for new data needed to accomplish the CDCB's objective to grow the quality and quantity of the cooperator database.

Historic/Predictor Bulls
Genotypes of bulls acquired through exchanges, Interbull (Brown Swiss) or efforts by partners (CDN for example) to add bulls to the predictor set where US genomic evaluation is not being used to market the bull, will receive fee code “W” (Waived). Foreign code W bulls over 15 months of age will have their evaluations released as though the AI Service Fee has been paid. Bulls being marketed using a US genomic evaluation with genotypes acquired through the above process can either have the AI Service Fee paid or be designated historic (Fee Code H) which allows them to contribute to the predictor population, but not have their evaluation released. At the discretion of the CDCB board, other bulls with traditional evaluations that are not being marketed may have their fees waived (fee code “W”). CDCB staff will suggest bulls to the CDCB board for this status.

American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA) Proposal for Genetic Evaluations
The CDCB board reviewed a proposal from ADGA to transfer the service portion of genetic evaluations and distribution of results from AIPL to ADGA. The data would be housed on the CDCB server and CDCB staff would offer limited technical support. The CDCB endorsed the concept and recommended modifications to the proposal to be sent to the ADGA.

Material License Agreement (MLA)
The proposed MLA of the Holstein Association USA and National Association of Animal Breeders as well as a standard template MLA has been shared with the Executive Committee of the CDCB. Next step is to share these MLA’s with the CDCB board for their review.

Council on Dairy Cattle Breeders, Chief Executive Officer Search Committee update The Chief Executive Officer position announcement and job description is posted on the CDCB web site at Applications are due not later than Tuesday March 4 at 4:00 pm EST. Questions can be directed to Jay Mattison, CDCB CEO Search Committee Chair or Ole Meland, CDCB Chair


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