Dairy producers are more informed than ever

Dairy producers are more informed than ever

finding even greater returns with MAX® – Cargill’s proprietary nutrient management software application.

Volatile feed costs are nothing new and dairy producers know this all too well. The drought of 2012, followed by the constantly shifting weather patterns of 2013, has played a role in this dynamic shift in prices. Yet despite these problems, innovative dairy producers have discovered success in avoiding feed cost uncertainty with Cargill’s MAX® system – an innovative software application designed to help meet the nutritional needs of dairy operations.

“The MAX system is the industry’s most accurate and consistent resource for nutrient information and analysis,” said Mike Jerred, Dairy Technology Lead, Cargill Animal Nutrition. “We offer business partners access to our global network of information, which is updated on a daily basis.”

Cargill works with on-farm management to customize solutions that are specific for each operation. Nutrition, ingredient expertise and management recommendations are all part of what the MAX system offers to dairy producers.

Accuracy is key
The MAX system leverages Near Infrared (NIR) technology to better serve Cargill customers. NIR has been at the forefront of increasing efficiency with testing ingredient samples. It allows for results in 60 seconds, compared to three days with older lab testing methods. That makes for faster on-farm decisions and less wasted time.

“Cargill has state-of-the-art labs,” said Dave Cook, Global Research and Development Director, Cargill Animal Nutrition. “We provide the accurate analysis our customers need to ensure they are delivering as consistent a result to their cattle as possible.”

Cargill has been able to create the industry’s most accurate models for almost every aspect of a ruminant animal’s life. Taking that information from Cargill’s global network of resources allows for the most connected understanding of the industry, including 10,000 scans globally per day.

“We’ve invested over $10 million into MAX system enhancements since 2008,” said Cook.
“And the next generation of technological advances are already being programmed into MAX.”

Formulating diets for a dairy producer and making a recommendation for them means understanding the unique aspects of each dairy producer’s operation. A strong understanding of the ingredients available on-farm is the foundation for creating a smart nutrition program.
The ability to compare nutrient sources offers dairy producers the power to make informed purchasing decisions from nutrient suppliers, saving them time and money.

Greater returns
The MAX system has improved feed consistency and efficiency of dairy operations worldwide. Better nutrition amounts to better herd performance, and spending 5 cents more per day on a cow can equate to 15 cents per day in return. It delivers powerful ROI that cannot be found with other systems.

To learn more about the MAX system, contact a local Cargill representative or visit Cargill online.

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