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Dairy Stockmanship

Handling benefits more than your herd
Take a stand for cows that can’t
Reducing fear improves milk production
Model what Mom would do
A Bud Box could speed your sorting
Make parlor trips peaceful
What is low-stress handling?
We must communicate to cattle's senses

Animal Welfare

Don’t just stand there New!
Welfare should not forget animal learning New!
The comfortable cow is a human illusion New!


Three stalls every tie stall barn needs New!
Cow comfort matters in tie stalls, too

Transition cow housing

The right fan for the job New!
Handle transition cows with ease
Nine considerations for transition cow housing
Design facilities to optimize transition cow comfort
Worth the investment
What every transition cow barn needs
Solve your transition housing puzzle

Calving Time

What every transition cow barn needs
Hypocalcemia is more than a “low calcium” problem
Is it coming head or feet first?
5 keys to preventing poor transition cows
It all starts at calving time
Metritis costs us a bundle
Is there a best way to monitor ketosis?
New tools help us spot ketosis
There is no average calving

Foot Care

How do your hoof blocks wear?
Take a holistic look at hoof health
Footbaths of the future
Dairy claw lesion ID gets streamlined
We can feed and manage to avoid lameness
Look for these hoof-trimming problems
Put a stop, proactively, to lameness

Prevention and Treatment

Inflammation: Friend or foe? New!
There’s no excuse for irresponsible drug use New!
Pinpoint cows with an unseen calcium challenge
Will FDA changes in drug use labeling affect dairy?
A cut above: DA surgery pays
Limit pen moves, reduce transition stress
Vet Column: Vaccination lapse could lead to strange symptoms
Manage cows by risk
Heat hits cows sooner than we thought
You can prevent bloat in calves
Many sick cows need fluid therapy
Keep on top of salmonellosis
Help your cows beat the heat
Don’t forget to consider BVD


Tackling Johne’s around the world
Healthy cows for a healthy industry
It’s not just about Johne’s
Don’t buy your Johne’s
What is the best Johne's test?
What you can do?
HD Notebook: Stainless Steel troughs and chlorine bleach fight Johne’s

Producing Meat and Milk Responsibly
Producing Meat and Milk Responsibly Supplement

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These articles are part of a series being prepared in cooperation with the American Association of Bovine Practitioners.
July 2011: Just what is good antibiotic use?
Jan 25, 2011: Why treatment protocols are so important
Oct 25, 2010: Protect your commitment to producers
Oct 10, 2010: Drug use choices can be complex
Aug 25, 2010: Delving into antimicrobial resistance
Apr 10, 2010: You market meat, too
Mar 25, 2010: Pharmacology and cows

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